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Does the government have a problem with UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP?


Universal records, Def Jam records, I.N.C records , Street records corporation...... Did they do something we don't know about?

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    Record companies have been breaking big laws for some time now...


    It explains why you can see the exact same song on MTV, MTV2 and BET, while hearing it on certain radio stations...ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

    Record companies are not suposed to pay for exposure like that. It is illegal. They however ARE allowed to pay for commercials. But those are 2 distinct different things.

    "Pay-for-play makes a mockery of claims that only the ‘best’ or ‘most popular’ music is broadcast." "Spitzer’s investigation determined that Universal and its record labels offered a series of inducements to radio stations and their employees to obtain airplay, or "spins" of recordings by the company’s artists, including songs by Nick Lachey, Ashlee Simpson, Brian McKnight, Big Tymers, and Lindsay Lohan."

    Source(s): There is plenty more. Just search and include the name PAYOLA
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