Are all of these things possible problems from being a vegetarian???



Beriberi---(Thiamine Deficiency)


Pellagra---(Niacin Deficiency)

Bitot's Spots

Scurvy---(Vitamin C Deficiency)

Rickets---(Vitamin D Deficiency)



Diabetes Mellitus

Osteoporosis---(Lack of Calcium)

Megaloblastic Anemia---(B12 Deficiency)

Xerophthalmia/Night Blindness---(Vitamin A Deficiency)

Zinc Deficiency (Growth Retardation)

Iron Deficiency Anemia

Loss of Hair

Loss of Muscle mass

Abnormal Accumulation of Fluid

Weakend Immune System

Lower Bone Mineral Density

Irregular Menstration in Women

Low Birth Weight in Women

Intestinal Discomfort

Lack of Pigment

Dry Skin

Developmental Abnormalities

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    look at obese people and then ask yourself what health problems are possible.

    Poor diet of ANY kind can cause issues.

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    These are possible problems for everyone.

    If you mean especially for vegetarians, the answer is mostly, no. "Junk-food" vegetarians may be at further risk for vitamin deficiency, but those who follow a healthful diet made up of yummy whole foods will get plenty of vitamins and minerals. The only suggested supplement is vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is found in animal foods. However, it may also be found in plant foods if the soil is rich in minerals, which it most likely is not.

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    No, they are all far from true. Just to clarify a few because it would take forever to clarify them all skin pigmentation has to do with Melanin in your skin. People with darker skin such as those with an African heritage have more melanin. It's purely genetic. Af far as muscle mass there are vegan/ vegetarian body builders. Here is a list below of vegan/ vegetarian atheletes. As far as the immune system there are more nutrients being taken in from a vegetarian diet. Our bodies are not designed to digest meat so it takes several days to digest one serving. If you add in multiple servinds it prevents your body from deriving all the nutrients from your food and thus lowers your immune system. Plant based foods take less than a day to fully digest and since there is no blockage your body has full access to digest the food thus increasing your immune system. Vitamin B12 isn't found in plants or meat. It is a microbe found in soil. Our bodies derive cobalt from B12 and use it to repair cells. B12 is found in soy, miso, green leafy vegetables, and in root veggies such as potatos, carrots, beets, ect. Scurvy is a vitamin C dificiency and you can get that from most fruits and especially in citris fruit so that isn't a problem. Low birth weights in infants is not caused from a healthy diet but rather a poor one. Meats are high in cholesterol and fat and this can harm the baby. Furthermore meats are injected with growth inducing hormones which can cause high birth weights which is why so many women are having 12-15 lb babies as opposed to 7 or 8 lbs which is normal. This increased birth weight can cause joint stress in the infants and lead to disabilities later in life. Low birth weight is considered anything below 6.5 lbs. These are just a few clarifications like I said. I would suggest you do some research if you are considering a vegetarian diet so that you know the facts and not the fiction that everyone puts out there. There are a lot of websites against vegetarian diets and misinformation from the late 80's to early 90's that was put out by the American Dairy Association. A vegetarian diet has been approved by the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association. Just make sure you get a well rounded vegetarian diet. If you just replace foods with snack with lots of sugar it's not healthy. Stick to healthful foods not junk.

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    It extremely relies upon on the individuals. yet my mom is a protracted status vegetarian and my mum and dad have been completely nice with it. And my dad died and my mom re-married and my step-dad isn't a vegetarian and that they are good. yet like I stated until now, it purely relies upon on the individuals. i understand non-vegetarians do no longer possibly care the two way (i'm a vegetarian too), yet generally as long through fact the non-vegetarians are respectful and visa versa, it quite works nicely. once you are the non-vegetarian, do no longer attempt to push vegetarians to consume meat through fact i are conscious of it quite is my greatest puppy peeve. Or thinking my selections, or asserting it does not make experience. yet different than if the guy is disrespectful i do no longer see why no longer. yet you're able to verify to chop up knifes, reducing boards, and stuff like that. If a individual is a vegetarian for a protracted time, the enzyme that individuals might desire to digest meat slowly stops producing and if stated vegetarian gets any variety of meat of their gadget, they are going to throw up, or get the runs. so as long as your respectful and understand the information i do no longer see how this occasion ought to reason issues. And in case you're what i've got stated until now then you won't combat (hopefully) and a marriage ought to paintings. wish I helped! :)

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    NOT if you are eating a well balanced Veggie/Vegan Diet. Even lack of B-12 is a rarity, not the huge deal you are told. But if that's a worry a simple B-12 sup takes care of it.

    Pick up a copy of John Robbins

    Food Revolution or any of his other books.. I think Live to be 100 a super in diet education. Most you can get at your local library too.

    Now do remember most of these things also can & do happen on a animal food based diet..if fact many more horrible disease happen than of a veggie based diet.

    Slainté (to your health)

  • JJ
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    All of those things are possible with ANY unbalanced diet, be it vegetarian or not. However, being a vegetarian decreases your risk of other things such as clogged arteries, stroke, cancer, impotence, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and the list goes on and on. Everyone needs a healthy balanced diet. My family and I are vegetarian and we are extremely healthy. We eat a well balanced diet and exercise regularly.

  • Anonymous
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    yes, but they are also possible from eating can eat meat and still not get all the nutrients you need. and here, look at the things found in the blood of pigs:: (this is just pigs!)



    atrophic rhinitis



    forr-andmouth disease

    hemophilus parsuis

    hemophilus pleuropneumoniae

    histopathology lesions

    infectious arthritis






    pasteurella multocida type A




    swine fever

    transmissible gastroenteritis

    Source(s): a complete idiot's guide to being vegetarian
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    all of those problems are possible from being a vegetarian or an omnivore. that's why everyone needs to make sure they're eating a well-balanced diet.

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    They can be possible problems with a poor diet. It does not matter what type of diet one eats, it's the quality.

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    possible but unlikely if you have a balanced diet and think about what your eating. vegetarians live longer, keep fitter and are better at yahooo answers!

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