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mom asked in Family & RelationshipsWeddings · 1 decade ago

Are you planning on wearing a strapless wedding gown?

If you are, I just wanted to tell you that almost every bride I have seen in the last 5 years of banquet bartending has worn that style.

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    Damn copycats. I guess I have to hang my boobs to my ears and wear a nice hat now.

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    Yeah, so what if every bride has worn that style. Doesn't matter.

    Today, when I was out shopping I noticed everyone was wearing jeans. Am I going to stop wearing jeans too?

    Yes....all the dresses might be the same style, but no dress is worn the same by every bride.

    You probably think all the brides look the same, b/c you don't know them. You don't really know who they are or what they are about, passed their white dress and big fancy reception. It's what happens when you are in the industry. You see "the bride, the image" and not "the bride, the person named Molly"

    But, I've been to 5 weddings in the past few years. All the brides wore strapless, but all the gowns looked different. Some were a-line, some were poofy, some had extensive beading...........etc.

    Just like dresses with straps, some were ugly and some were amazing.

    To each is there own. Plus, the strapless dress (or any dress) should not wear the bride.........the bride should ROCK the dress.

    ......and, I don't know if I'll wear strapless. It's not something I think will look good on me. But, if I found "the dress" and it was strapless and gorgeous....I would totally wear it.

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    The reason a lot of brides are wearing strapless now is because it is in style! Strapless is a classic, timeless, feminine look. Some fashion trends are actually beautiful, and this is one. Wheres the sense in trying to be different just for the sake of being different?

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    You've seen it because for the past 8 years it has been the IT style. The rebelling from the cap and mutton chop sleeves from the 80s. Now, designers are bringing back sleeves and straps.

    But whats the point of telling us that you've seen them a lot? I think a person should pick their dress becaue it makes them feel pretty. And if a strapless dress makes you feel pretty... go for it. After looking around and shopping for dresses... i'm not gonna change my mind because a bartender said they are played out. (Im not dissin bartenders, i am one) Now if you were from the designer label saying there was something wrong with dress number xxxxx, and that we shouldnt buy it... than i'd re-think your suggestion.

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    I am wearing strapless. I tried on all possible options (with the exception of long sleeves) and nothing look good. Whats wrong with strapless?

    By the way (if you are not married or planning a wedding), all the styles anymore basically are strapless. You hardly ever see wedding dresses with straps or sleeves. Thats old school...

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    Yup, I am. Most of my other dresses in my closet are strapless as well. I have a nice chest and that type of dress flatters my figure the most.

    Are you wearing a t-shirt today? I just thought I should let you know that almost everyone I have seen today is wearing one too.

    Same thing. There are only so many styles of dresses and clothing. People wear what they like for whatever their reason.

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    Nope, mine has long loose sheer bell sleeves. I agree with you too many brides are going strapless. When i went to buy a dress, hardly no one had one with sleeves. I told the saleslady what i wanted and she just kinda looked at me like i was crazy for wanting a dress with sleeves. She actually went to the discontinued section of the store and found my beautiful dress. She even knocked off 200 because it was discontinued. I still ended up paying almost 800 but it is stunning and am so glad that i put my foot down and insisted on what I wanted. Not to mention that there is noooo way my chest would fit into a strapless dress. lol. My maids are wearing dresses that have removable sheer jackets so it should all work together nicely.

    I marry my sweetie October 20 07

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    I don't intend to offend anyone, but almost nobody really looks good in a strapless dress. It requires no loose skin or little pockets of fat around the top of the dress (almost everybody puggles out over the top, even relatively thin girls), you have to have nicely toned arms, and nicely-defined collar bones. You also need to have some cleavage, but not too much, and a fairly long neck. Very few women meet all of those requirements. I'm going with a lovely beaded sleeveless dress. My arms and collarbones look good, but I know that I'm too busty and will puggle out over the top of a dress, so I never even considered a strapless dress. The key to looking good is not choosing a beautiful dress. It's choosing a dress in a style that flatters your best features and minimizes the not-so perfect ones.

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    So what? Just because everyone else is wearing one isn't a good or bad reason for you to choose what to wear. And are you trying to make brides feel bad b/c of the dress they chose? Who cares?

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    hmmmmm, could it be because 95% of the dresses offered are all strapless! and just because they are strapless, the gowns themselves are all different. it was heck for me to find my dress with sleeves! but for the reception, i am changing into a strapless gown because the one for the ceremony is so hot and heavy!

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    Yes. I don't care that other brides wear it, too. All brides that wear white and the traditional headpiece look the same anyway, regardless of the style of the dress.

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