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New zealand news?

I don't understand new zealand news. If there are some murders like this weekend they are on the headlines. When I lived in Australia the murder stories were usaully put near the end.

Why does new zealand spread news that in australia, is un important

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    When the event reported on is a rare and infrequent thing like murder in NZ it gets prominence. If it is a regular and ho hum thing elsewhere then it gets hardly mentioned in that country.

    Also news are hard to come by in NZ, try the morning ,evening and late news - they are mostly repetitions.

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    As pointed out, murders are not common in Nz and especially to have so many in a weekend follwing another murder is quite big news to us!

    Living in Blenheim and having it is even bigger as we do not have many murders at all eg 1 every few years...escpeically with gang involvement....I hear that there is going to be an insurgance of black power coming to visit us tonight!!! Thats scary and we have been told ( this is rumour) not to go to certain areas of town!

    I find the news in NZ so much more interesting than in the US or UK where its a few stories, the majotiry are political and thats sports ( in the UK there are no sports presenters) , poor weather and narrow focus ( on that country)..we get views from all around the world and have an overall better view of things.....

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    Kbear is right. It's huge news if someone is killed here, and when I was in Australia, that stuff was hardly ever on the news.

    New Zealand has a smaller population than Australia and we're seen as a 'safe country.'

  • NZ is such a small country and a 'murder' is big news there - so yes they put it on first before anything else.

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    in america we...well they..the news they always put all the HORRIBLE stuff first.

    babies in microwaves and e.coli on pencils.

    as much as i despise to admit it (cos i'm american and i love kiwis) i think it speaks clearly about the culture.

    (i don't know about kiwilife but) americans, whether we realize or acknowledge it are scared of every and anything and fascinated by things we like to believe can't happen to us.


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    Yes you can find certain

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