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足球問答題(16) 德國 6-0 聖馬力諾最佳回答有30分







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  • 1 decade ago
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    European Championship Qualifying, 02.06.2007 19:00 Germany - San Marino 6:0 (1:0)

    City/Stadium: Nürnberg

    Referee:Tony Asumaa (Finland)

    Number of audiences: 43.967

    Line Up:



    Lahm (70. Helmes), Mertesacker, Metzelder, Jansen

    Hilbert (59. Fritz), Frings, B. Schneider, Hitzlsperger

    --------------Klose, Kuranyi (59. Gomez)----------------------


    Timo Hildebrand

    Manuel Friedrich

    Clemens Fritz

    Simon Rolfes

    Jan Schlaudraff

    Mario Gomez

    Patrick Helmes

    San Marino

    -------------------------Aldo Simoncini------------------------------------

    Valentini, Della Valle, Albani, Davide Simoncini, Vannucci

    Negri (68. Bonini), Bugli (85. Vitaioli), Bacciocchi, Gasperoni

    -------------Manuel Marani (77. Domeniconi)---------------------------


    Federico Valentini

    Matteo Andreini

    Fabio Vitaioli

    Giovanni Bonini

    Marco Domeniconi

    Federico Nanni

    Alan Toccaceli


    1:0 Kuranyi (45.)

    2:0 Jansen (52.)

    3:0 Frings (54., Penalty)

    4:0 Gomez (63.)

    5:0 Gomez (65.)

    6:0 Fritz (67.)

    Yellow Card: San Marino, Davide Simoncini (14.)

    Red Card: San Marino, Davide Simoncini (54.)

    Source(s): 德國足協:
  • 1 decade ago

    Germany 6 - 0 San Marino


    Germany San Marino

    1 Jens Lehmann (G) (G) Aldo Simoncini 1

    2 Marcell Jansen (D) ( D) Nicola Albani 4

    16 Philip Lahm (D) (D) Simone Bacciocchi 8

    17 Per Mertesacker (D) (D) Alessandro Della Valle 5

    21 Christoph Metzelder (D) (D) Davide Simoncini 6

    8 Torsten Frings (M) (D) Carlo Valentini 2

    34 Roberto Hilbert (M) (D) Damiano Vannucci 3

    15 Thomas Hitzlsperger (M) (M) Matteo Bugli 9

    19 Bernd Schneider (M) (M) Alex Gasperoni 11

    11 Miroslav Klose (S) (M) Cristian Negri 7

    31 Kevin Kuranyi (S) (S) Manuel Marani 10


    12 Timo Hildebrand (G) (G) Federico Valentini 12

    24 Manuel Friedrich (D) (D) Matteo Andreini 13

    27 Clemens Fritz (M) (D) Fabio Vitaioli 18

    38 Simon Rolfes (M) (M) Giovanni Bonini 14

    29 Jan Schlaudraff (M) (M) Marco Domeniconi 15

    32 Mario Gomez (S) (M) Federico Nanni 16

    37 Patrick Helmes (S) (S) Alan Toccaceli 17


    M Gomez for K Kuranyi (59)

    G Bonini for C Negri (69)

    C Fritz for R Hilbert (59)

    M Domeniconi for M Marani (76)

    P Helmes for P Lahm (70)

    F Vitaioli for M Bugli (85)

    Yellow Cards

    Davide Simoncini (14)

    Red Cards

    Davide Simoncini (55


    Kevin Kuranyi (45)

    Marcell Jansen (52)

    Torsten Frings (pen 56)

    Mario Gomez (63)

    Mario Gomez (65)

    Clemens Fritz (67)

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