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Adjectives lending in ''ing'' ''tive'' ''ient''

例: patient= inet




要每樣10個呀!!!!!!! pls!!!!!!!!

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    英文只有disobedient 沒有unobedient

    ing: Boring Exciting Hard-working Amusing Leading Corresponding Everlasting

    fascinating charming Amazing

    tive: positive negative passive active persuasive inactive interactive derivative adjective native imaginative respective

    ient: Convenient Impatient Ancient Inconvenient obedient disobedient proficient efficient inefficient Sufficient Insufficient

    2007-09-16 17:32:13 補充:

    順道一提QUOTIENT解作除數的商是名詞,而非形容詞不是所有的-ient, -ive 和 -ing是形容詞QUOTIENT一字為一例有不懂可以問我希望你能增廣見聞

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  • 1 decade ago

    -ient: patient, impatient, salient, convenient, inconvenient, efficient, inefficient, obedient, unobedient, sufficient, insufficient

    -ing: laughing, smiling, crying, sobbing, worrying, dying, killing, damaging, heart-breaking, changing, unchanging, bleeding

    -tive:active, inactive, talkative, reactive, unreactive, corrosive, attractive, unattractive, sensitive, representative

    2007-09-16 15:48:46 補充:

    I'm the first guy who got 10 of each first. Please give me the best reply. ok?

    2007-09-16 16:40:34 補充:

    Please ignore unobedient. I still got 10 -ient even without this one.Thanks to アスラン.

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  • ing=playing,swimming,chating,eating,drinking,talking,sleeping,daydreaming,dreaming,




    I've tried my best.

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  • 1 decade ago

    -ient: Quotient, Patient, no more.

    -ing: Cooling, sleeping, staring, eating, making, playing, thing, using, doing, singing.

    -tive:active, talkative, creative, no more.

    I've tried my best... sorry!

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