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I like animals,especially dogs . our family have been[1]pets for years.

Jeff, a large brown dog,is our family's favourite.We all[2]him as our close friend and he also sees[3] as part of our family.

You many not belive it but it is true that dogs do [4]emotions and tempers. I remember when Jeff was[5]nine months old ,one day all of us went shopping and left him home [6]


He was so unhappy and felt being betrayed that he probbly[7]his temper.He almost tore

the sofa[8]pieces to show us his anger.When we[9]home,we were all shocked.Mother was furious.She stared[10]Jeff and gave him a good talk.

Update 2:

What was [11] amazing is that Jeff seemed to feel guilty.He apologized.He followed my mother closely [12]the day,licked her hand softly and swayed his [13] .Mother was still very angry and she refused[14]pat him.

Update 3:

Jaffwas so upset that he did himself [15] his kennel.And we found that there were [16] in his eyes.All our hearts melted and of couse,mother forgave him.

Another time when mother fell [17],he justsat[18]her bed watching her the whole dat and occasionally put his foreleg into mothet's palm.

Update 4:

Jeff is now a fully-grown dog.He's not only good friend but also mother's helping[19]You know what ?Mother[20]him shopping whenever it is possible.

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    1) raising

    2) treat

    3) himself

    4) have

    5) only

    6) alone

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    1) keeping

    4) have

    5) about

    That's all i can think of, hope i can help you

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    1. raising

    2. treat

    3. himself

    4. have

    5. about

    6. alone

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