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急!!!! 20點!!!王子變青蛙 英文翻譯劇情

有沒有人有王子變青蛙 英文翻譯的劇情介紹

或是英文敘述大鋼 描述越細越好


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    1 with the utility girl who marries to behave to get a target to the rich

    1 measures the cold prince of life value by business achievement

    An accident lets the life creation of prince and girl hand over to gather

    The cold prince lost memory to become to fall difficult frog

    The girl thinks picked up a background an unidentified illegal immigrant

    Enslave him, fix him and run out various way to have his cheapness

    But don't know

    This person of the side of the body is exactly the super noble whom she longs for day and night

    A story which loves with nursery tale

    The prince changes frog

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    參考這裡... 故事內容都寫好了




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