Do you get an Honorable Discharge certificate when you get discharged from the Army? Like an award?

The older Vets in my family keep asking when I will be getting mine from the Army . I told them I am not sure the Army does that any more. I know I will get my final DD214 but what about an actual certificate?


I know I will get my DD214! But do you recieve an actual certificate. For instance you get prders for a ARCOM but you also get a nifty certificate with it to hang on the wall.

Update 2:

1. I am out now 1 3/4 years.

2. Served 6 years.

3. have 128 days till my obligation is over with.

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    Yes , you will be issued an Honorable Dischage certificate, DD [Dept. of Defense] Form 256A. You get it when you service obligation is over, and not before.

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    It means they probably made a mistake in your type of discharge they gave you. The military is able to change the discharge they give you at any time during you 8 year commitment. An entry level seperation if for people with less than 180 days in service or active duty for reservist. Since you didnt complete AIT you were suppose to get the entry level seperation. The reason for this is because it wouldnt be fair for a person to recieve all the benefits of someone honorably discharged if they didnt earn the honorable discharge by being seperated early. They arent doing it for no reason what so ever. They made a mistake the first time and are correcting it. Dont worry about the entry seperation it means nothing when it comes to job interviews and doesnt show on a background check. Its just so that you dont have a veteran status.

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    The answer to the best of my knowledge is yes. I am as a type looking at my father's "Honorable Discharge" from the Armed Forces of the United States of America. "This is to certify that His name, service number, rank, and below that Army of the United States the date and signed by a Lt. Col. He also has one from the USN. It is a frameable certificate that you will get in addition to your DD 214. The certificate is for show. The DD214 is what you will need if you seek benefits under the G.I. Bill, VA benefits, VA backed mortgage and the like. Your DD 214 will have your date and place of entry on Active Duty listing the dates of service, schools attended (where you went for your MOS) if you attended NCO Academy. It will also list all ribbons and medals you received. Should you ever misplace it you can get a copy from the NPRC in St. Louis, MO. I had to look for my fathers as I was medically retired from the USAF so I hacve a Certificate of Retirement along with my diploma from the USAF/School of Aerospace Medicine. Be advised that when you joined you incurred a 6 year commitment. Air Force was minimum of 4 years active duty and 2 inactive reserve. The Honorable Discharge gives you a leg up on some government jobs especially places like the Post Office where you get 10 points additionally for being a veteran. I remember my brother getting his Honorable Discharge Certificate from the USMC. FYI- if you purchased Servicemen's Group Life Insurance while in it needs to be converted to Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI) within a year or less. Pay close attention and take notes at your separation briefing. Get in touch with your local VA Regional Office to see what benefits you are eligible for and if you want to check for potential government jobs. Good luck and than you for your service to the country.

    Sgt., USAF, (Retired)

  • If you don't have a 214 you must surely be on active duty. The Discharge will show up in the mail at the end of your 8 year obligation or your last enlistment. I would keep St Louis up to date if you move around.

    SSG US Army 73-82

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  • Anonymous
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    The bottom of the DD214 has a block called "Character of Service" Honorable goes in that block, or other than Honorable. That's all you get but isn't that enough?

    The DD214 will list all the cool stuff you did too. And your awards.

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    A DD214 is all you get, there is no official certificate. Your unit may type one up on there own or give you a plack or a copy of a guidon, but they do not have to.

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    I received a certificate in a red binder thing

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    I got a certificate.

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    you'll get a dd214 stating the type of discharge you recieved

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    You will be mailed your honorable discharge, when your IRR time is over with.

    You don't receive it, when you leave active duty.

    Your not actually out of the military, untill your IRR time is up.

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