My car heater doesnt work, why is this??

I have a 99 chrysler lhs and it still pumps out heat but I have to turn it up to 80 or higher to get something reasonably warm. It will work at a lower temperature(72) for a couple minutes then it goes semi cold. What could the problem be?

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    The heat in the cabin of a vehicle is provided by a heater core. A heater core is just a smaller, secondary radiator. It is attached to the main radiator.

    The most common failure of the heater core is a leak. Often, you would notice a major leak, due to the fact that the heater core is often located in the dashboard on the passengers side. (Often, the radiator fluid will leak out into the passenger cabin.) This is why, if your car is overheating, you should turn the heat on in the cabin to remove heat from the engine.

    However, you state that you still have heat. First, check your radiator fluid. If it's low, then there may be no fluid flowing into the heater core. Hopefully, this is the problem and you only have a small leak. It's a cheap fix, just keep an eye on your radiator fluid and take your car into the shop if the leak gets worse.

    However, I note two hidden clues in your question that lead me away from the above. You state that your car is a 1999 model and that you have to set the temperature to "80 or higher." Some of the premium models of cars have an internal thermometer. Some are mercury controlled, some are computer controlled. (I am not familiar with what system your car has.) If the thermometer or computer have an error, then the car may think that it is outputting greater heat than it really is. It could be a bad fuse or a short in the system. You would have to take your car into the shop for them to fix it.

    Good luck with your car!

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    comparable ingredient got here approximately to me on my Altima. It only all started occurring. each and every thing became into advantageous final 3 hundred and sixty 5 days. What I did quickly became into to enable the ventilation in the motor vehicle (press the button with the little vehicle image) This helped somewhat even nevertheless that's going to fog the motor vehicle quickly in case you shop using quite a few miles so swap for a quick time to regularly occurring mode. Then after couple of minutes back to circulating the air. even nevertheless, i in my opinion found out what the concern became into. It became into incredibly straightforward. MY COOLANT became into VERY LOW!! And the middle became into crammed up with air fairly of the nice and comfortable coolant. consequently the warmth became into getting generated from air-crammed center fairly than coolant-crammed heater center. upload coolant (to the radiator or overflow bottle). warning! do no longer OPEN RADIATOR CAP while THE ENGINE IS warm!!

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    Maybe the heater core is getting clogged inside. Is the engine running at the normal running temp. ? Maybe the thermostat is never closing, not allowing the engine to warm up fast .

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    either the heater core is getting plugged up...check if by feeling the heater hoses...if one is piping hot and the other is lukewarm you know its plugged. if you cant easily access them a pyrometer will do it for ya.

    or. the blend door actuator is not working correctly or there is something blocking the door from working.

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