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german or spanish?

i really want to take german

i herd its easy and colleges look at laugauges like french and german. spanish is to common.

my bro says i shood tak spanish cuz if u dont u have to take it i college, is that true

anyway i want to take german

what do u think

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    Many colleges offer both German and Spanish as well as Italian and French. Any foreign language class will satisfy the foreign language credit for college.

    If you prefer to take German, then take it. I don't think it is easier than Spanish, though. My mother-in-law is German and I have trouble picking up what she is saying. I find it much easier to understand Spanish.

    If you live near Spanish-speaking people, you may want to take Spanish. On the other hand, you may find it easier just to learn from them. In that case, you should take German in high school.

    My high school only offered Spanish. I would have loved to have taken German classes. So if you want to learn the German language, I say you should take it.

    Good luck to you!

    Source(s): married a man who is 1/2 German took Spanish in h.s.
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    Spanish is a great language to have on hand if you are intereseted in working in public or for some governmentally regulated job. You will get more money in contract if you are bilangual with a language that is common in that area, like spanish, chinese or korean....those are the more popular second languages asked for.

    Otherwise, go with what you know. College will require foreign language for entrance, whether that is said aloud or not, foreign language can be any foreign language recognized but the institution. Some places even recognize sign language as a foreign lannguage.

    Spanish is relitively easy, but then so is German once you get the hang of it in the first 6 weeks. The big 5 to really get interested in to enter college is Spanish, French, German, Russian and Latin. Those are generally accepted at any college nation wide.

    I am biased for german though. You might like it once you try it.

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    Not all colleges require Spanish, but you should look into the language requirement of the one you plan to attend. Most will allow you to choose.

    If you want to take German, I would recommend taking it, because you will learn better if it is something you are actually intersted in.

    Also, for people who peak English, German is not terribly hard because English is a Germanic language and shares many symilarities with English.

    Source(s): I'm a spanish minor, and I speak 4 languages...though I do not speak German :0)
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    Take Up German

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    I recommend you take whatever language you really are willing to put time and effort into. German might be a bit harder than Spanish, but the difference shouldn't be abysmal. However, do take into consideration that Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and the second most spoken language in the US. As to colleges, they want to see students succeed in whatever foreign language they choose. Spanish might be common, but in terms of usefulness, it will serve you better. Nevertheless, go with what your heart says, and good luck!

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    Spanish, More Romantic, And A Lovely Language.

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    if you want to learn german you will find it much easier than spanish: motivation is probably the single most important factor in acquiring a new language.

    any college which treats spanish preferentially to german (ie any college which doesn't accept that a german credit is just as good as a spanish one) isn't a very good college, and you should look somewhere else.

  • Anonymous
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    most colleges require some foreign language, not necessarily spanish. german is probably a bit harder than spanish, but it is still within the 10 easiest languages for an english speaker to learn (maybe within the 5-7 easiest).

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    German is such an interesting langurage! I am only on my second year, but I hope to continue. If you want to try it out you should! My friend took Spanish for one year decided she didn't like it and will be taking Spanish this year. Mabey you can try that!

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    if you want to take german, then take german!! i took spanish because there are so many spanish speakers around the world as opposed to a single country. (i know there are german speakers in other places)

    its true spanish is common, however you won't be forced to take it in college.

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