How to start a compare and contrast essay?

I'm doing this essay for compare and contrast of Wiliam Bradford and John Smith. A 5 paragraph essay.

Now the teacher said he doesnt want anyone to start the first paragraph with "I'm going to compare and contrast J. Smith and William Bradford...blah blah blah. "

So how should I start the first paragraph without using that as the first sentence??

I need help..


And also the thesis. What the heck is a thesis? I'm so totally lost right now.

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    First start off with a nice introduction, maybe some informations that would lead to the topic of those two people. A thesis is basically an argument that you have to support with evidence. So a possible thesis is that "Bradford and Smith are similar because......(why you believe so, evidences...etc)." Or it can also be that they are different, and thats your argument and thesis. The following paragraphs would be evidences that support and uphold your thesis statement. End with a conclusion that wraps the whole essay, which is basically summarizing.

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    Paragraph Outine:

    #1 William Bradford and John Smith were two interesting men, who had an important impact on American history.

    #2 Give a brief history about who they both were.

    #3 Describe their similarities.

    #4 Describe their differences.

    #5 Summarize their good & bad qualities or their effect.

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    I don't know who either of them are, but it would make sense to start with something like: "William Bradford and John Smith are two prominent figures in......" Start by establishing their common ground, and end the intruductory paragraph by stating that they are, in some ways, different. Then use the rest of your essay to explain how.

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    OK, so I started to google with "What is a thesis?" and it came up with: "What is a thesis....statement, sentence, essay, paper, paragraph.....?" So I suggest you google it and find what you need to do.

    You could just start writing about one of them and go on to the other. You could start off with something catchy like "Did you know that John Smith.......?" and then go on. Maybe you could google something like: How do I begin a compare and contrast?

    (I find it hard to believe that people don't know who they are. OK....I guess I shouldn't be surprised.)

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    I can't help you WITH the essay cuz i aint read them :P but the best way to start is to make a circle diagram, or whatever they r called that the circles overlap and whatever. then go threw a thesaurus and looks for fancy synonyms that will impress your teacher. then make sure u meet the word/letter quota if there is one.

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    i dont know who they are but im sure this may work. you could try this...

    j smith and w. bradford are two people with similar aspects to there life and some major differences. ...

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    Start with information/points about one of these gentlemen. Then in a later paragraph, you can say 'these qualities are also shared by ______". "On the other hand, qualities such as ________ _______ ______ are in stark contrast to those of ___________ (the other guy)......

    just my 2 cents... hope its helpful

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    Just start discussing one of them, history or whatever, then go into the comparison with the other character.

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