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Who gets the win?

So if a starting pitcher is pulled before he completes the 5th inning with the lead, and then his team wins...who gets the win? I know that he doesn't because he didn't complete 5 innings, but I can't figure out who does.

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    This is spelled out in the rules (you didn't specify, but I'm assuming you mean the starter left before 5 complete with the lead which was never later relinquished).

    If there is only one relief pitcher, assigning the W is rather easy.

    If there is more than one reliever, the official scorer is tasked with assigning the W to the reliever he deems was most effective during his time on the mound.

    Here's the actual text, somewhat abridged for clarity:

    "If the pitcher whose team assumes a lead while such pitcher is in the game ... is a starting pitcher who has not completed ... five innings of a game that lasts six or more innings on defense ... then the official scorer shall credit as the winning pitcher the relief pitcher ... who, in the official scorer’s judgment was the most effective, if there is more than one relief pitcher."

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    The pitcher who pitches the fifth inning, or the first one after that to get and keep the lead, I believe

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    If you are talking about tonights Tiger game I believe Bobby Seay would get the win.

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    i believe the reliever get a win

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    the reliever that replaced him

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