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I'm a student from Europe and I'm curruntly studying International Business Studies. I am currutnly working on a report about human resources and I have a questions about this. Could someone please give me a good defenition of human resources ? Why is it essential that a company has human resources ? I hope someone will answer my questions

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Crystal B - I'm taking business classes to find out what human resources are

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    The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM - who I sometimes like and sometimes don't like as a "real life HR professional") says the definition of human resources is "The function dealing with the management of people employed within the organization." That is it in summary I guess.

    It's important for most organizations to have human resources because the department keeps them in compliance with employment law, trains/coaches employees and managers, as well as attracts and helps retain talented employees. There is more detail to it than that but that is the general idea.

    The most important asset any organization can have is people - the people who do the work that keeps the company in business. Human resources cultivates (or should cultivate) the relationship between the business and the employees so it is as win-win as possible.

    Well, that is the best way I can articulate my profession on a Saturday morning at least! :)

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    Your taking business classes and can't answer this question!?!?

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