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Have You been fooled before? -?

By Fair weathered friends- an Faint hearted lovers?


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    year's ago i attended this program called Bridge over trouble water's. this place help's those who are lost but, too they have ged classes.

    i was pretty friendly not by those who attended class there but, with those who worked there.

    there was this one girl who worked the front desk. wicked nice and kind just sooo friendly. every time i would go into the waiting area we would have awesome conversation. we got along great. we started hanging out after her work and my classes. she introduced me to some of her friend's who were very cool. one was dating a local rock musicial, that's was cool.

    we would hang out at her house listening to a taping of this other girls boyfriends band asking for our oppinion. we watched movies talked it was great.

    i noticed that this other girl slept over just to hang out. so one day i asked if i could sleep over you know will have girl's night in watching movies and such it will be fun.

    it would be especially fun for me because at the time i had a baby (single mom) so i had no other friend's and no adult converstation. oh ps we were at that time like 19-20 year's old. so it would be great to be around other's. with a break with my mom baby sitting for me.

    it was pouring out that evening. she lived about 7 minutes away walking distance but, with the intent of getting out of the house to have fun that evening i braved the weather and went.

    when i got there. no one answered. knocked a few times more no one answered. so i waited for about an half an hour in drenched close freezen my butt off. but, no show. so, sad at this point i feft and went home.

    monday came, i walked into the building on my floor and every one approaced me getting really upset with me like why are you bothering sarah. what are you talking about, i asked? the women who worked there said why are you harrassing her, stocking her? what are you talking about i said once again. i tried to let them know listen this is what it's all about. and why (i asked) is she telling her co workers that i'm this terrible person. yeah, come to find out she told every one that i was harrassing her.

    i was emarrassed and treated unfairly. i thought we were becoming cool friend's.

    in the end i got to tell my story they were like oh. no apologies were made to me. nothing.

    i asked why didint she women up and tell me hey i really am not looking for friend's right now. or what ever.

    so that was my shocking story. the girl was crazy. and all the while in her head she was thinking bad thought's about me. and i never knew it.

    well that was long but that's my story.

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    I have been fooled by fair weather friends, but thank GOD never by my love.

  • 1 decade ago

    yes because i'm a fool for love

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yes, my ex was a con artist--he even fooled my family

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