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Lebanon war 2006?

Name some possible solutions to the Lebanon war 2006?

Possible solutions to the Lebanon War of 2006 in Israel. Or a better way of solving the conflict, and the way the solved the conflict and was it good or bad?

please help thanks for people that help even the tiniest bit helps thanx everyone.

10 points up for grabs and also some of mine too thanks xxxxoxxxx

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    Lebanon needs to take control of their territory. Allowing your land to be used to harm other nations is a violation of international law. By allowing Hezbollah to operate freely in Lebanon, and by letting Hezbollah use Lebanese territory to launch rockets and small incursions into Israel, Lebanon was in violation of international law. Israel had the right to invade and resolve the issue.

    The poor Lebanese haven't really been in control of their country in decades. The Syrians have managed it to a large extent for much of the last thirty years, and now large regions are effectively controlled by the Iranian-backed Hezbollah. If the Lebanese can't retake their country, then they need to enlist the aid of sympathetic Arab nations or the U.N. Until they're able to demonstrate sovereignty, they'll be vulnerable to more corrective actions like the '06 war.

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