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what do u think about joseph estrada?


thank u for all the answers.

but i can't choose the best answer.

please, u guys choose it,pick one that u think it's the best.


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    he is an actor and soon he will be in jail with these thrill dancers show in Cebu.

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    Seriously, I was working as a television journalist an doing some one on one interview before. I covered APEC meeting in Manila and requested an interview with this guy when he was then a prominent political figure, I think Vice President or something of equivalent. His secretary called my hotel granting a one on one interview but I was in Subic bay at the time. So I just missed him. Anyhow, it's a pity. He's unlike Marcos, that he didn't pocket funds from the government budget bigtime. He's a movie actor like Sombat Matniee of Thailand equivalent. The guy just wasn't cut out to be a President. The charge against him was so minor comparing to a real political corruption in other countries, Thailand inclusive. A pity that is.

    My concern however goes to Thailand for the moment.

  • i think he is still enjoying life much better than probobly more than half of the Philippine Population. who cares. this is some kind of political joke. justice is for the rich even when proclaimed guilty lives in manson prison cell. what a joke.

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    I felt pity of the thousands of the poor filipinos who lost in the illegal gambling called jueteng.

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    Very famous. <*-*>

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    i think he deserved it...

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