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Anonymous asked in 健康疾病及病徵其他 - 疾病 · 1 decade ago


我有厭食症,,, 想買厭食症病人補充營養奶粉...


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    I suffer from post tramatic stress disorder since 2005 (after the operation done in H.A. hospital) then body weight sudden loss from ~150lbs to ~100lbs within few weeks due to difficulty open my mouth, swallow and 'NO' appetite. I consult so many specialist, such as speech therpy,ENT doctor, psychiatic and clinical psychologist that's only mind effect to my physical and psychological.

    I resume my diet and appetite because one of my favours show me 'the greatest love' that encourage me to go though the darkness.

    I admissed to the psychiatic ward before, there are too terrible that's why I never will to readmission even .............

    what kind of food that's doesn't metter, the inportant point is meet her need and give her 'LOVE'.

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