Positioning subwoofer

If I am sitting in front of the main speakers, what is the best position to place the subwoofer?

Should the subwoofer be placed near or away from the main speakers to get the best effect?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    According to the guideline of placing 5.1, as the low frequency of the subwoofer is non-directional, there is no pre-requisite position of placing the subwoofer. I have placed my 10" subwoofer below the main speaker on the right-hand-side. I found the base effect is very good on watching action films. I suggest your subwoofer be placed near the main speaker and tested with the 5.1 demo DVD to hear the effect. One obvious advantage of such positioning is that you don't need to buy a long connecting cable between your amplifier and your subwoofer. As you know, long connecting cable costs more and will pick up more interference.

    Source(s): My 7-year hifi experience
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