How does "Marinol" (the governmants version of marijuana) able to be legal and not the marijuana plant itself?

The government is the only legal local drug salesman!

which leaves the rest of us as paying fools with side effects from synthetic drugs!

does this not anger anyone?

We now can BUY their Version of Marijuana.

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    Marijuana can be grown in the safety of your own home. So the argument that you dont know what your getting is true to a certain extent but cancer patients probably arnt getting their weed from Jimmy under the lightpost. They are getting it from regulated suppliers and medical marijuana distributors in their respective city if Medical Marijuana is authorized. The unfortunate thing is that the federal government breaks into peoples homes and illegally seize terminally ill people's medicine that is legal in their state, and smashes up their homes. Another argument is that smoking marijuana is potentially hazardous in it self, this is also rubbish because if you qualify for medical marijuana use (terminally ill, hiv/aids, cancers) you most likely could get a volcano vaporizer covered by an insurance plan. The volcanoe is an extremely efficient vaporizer that effectively negates the health risks of burning plant matter and only offers the actual vapors of THC(the synthesized chemical in marinol in its natural form) to be absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs. As the previous poster stated the people who qualify for such treatment are in such grave pain that any medical treatment of their wishing that offers relief should be acceptable, without harassment from the federal government.

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    You can be given cocaine at the hospital. The drug is not illegal if it is for medical purposes. The thing that makes possession illegal is the fact that the government needs to control the use and distribution of these drugs. This helps to reduce addiction and over dose.

    It is easier and cheaper to buy marijuana from the guy down the street than from a pharmacy. But do you know what it is you are buying? You could end up with 1 part MJ and who knows what else.

    Stick to the government plan. You may live longer.

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    Marinol is dronabinol, a synthetic of delta-9-THC which is a component of marijuana. Marinol isn't marijuana. As a nurse, I haven't seen many positive effects with Marinol, but to be honest, most of the patients' illnesses were so far advanced little relief could be obtained.

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    marijuana doesnt even kill your mind cells they are saying it simply "tickles them" marijuana can be utilized for exact matters similar to melanoma/ HIV/AIDS glaucoma persistent ailments soreness or even seziures.. so sure i believe it will have to be legalized for the persons who want it... there isn't one list of any person demise from smoking marijuana.... No one has ever died of a marijuana overdose This is right. It used to be installed to look if you're paying awareness. Animal assessments have found out that particularly prime doses of cannabinoids are had to have deadly end result. This has led scientists to finish that the ratio of the quantity of cannabinoids quintessential to get a individual intoxicated (i.e., stoned) relative to the quantity quintessential to kill them is a million to forty,000. In different phrases, to overdose, you could have got to eat forty,000 occasions as so much marijuana as you had to get stoned. In distinction, the ratio for alcohol varies among a million to four and a million to ten. It is handy to look how upwards of 5000 persons die from alcohol overdoses each 12 months and nobody EVER dies of marijuana overdoses

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    Marinol is a controlled substance that is used to treat pain in cancer patients and used to increase appetite.

    It has medical uses -- not just because you and your friends what to get high, eat three pints of Hagen-Daz, scarf down a big-mac, then hurl . . . because you realize what you've done.

    Cocaine, too, is legal -- it's a controlled substance -- often used for nasal surgeries to constrict the blood-vessels.

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