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Universities in New York...?

Does anyone attend a university in New York, which one and where is it? My boyfriend may apply at Columbus and I wanted to know if there were any other good schools for business. Let me know any info you got and about how much you pay to attend there and about how much it costs you to live in New York. I live in Iowa so I dont know much about schools in New York. Thanks so much!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    New York University. (Manhattan downtown)

    Subpar undergraduate education. Overpriced. You can get a superior undergraduate education at a lot of schools better than NYU. However, NYU Law and Stern Business are impressive graduate programs. Don't waste your time at NYU for a baccalaureate. (Unless you like to waste money)

    Columbia University (Morningside Heights Manhattan)

    My alma mater so I am biased. Superior education unique in that you will be thrown into class with doctoral candidates and law students in your undergrad classes. A variety of seminar courses are available for intimate setting of about 7 to 9 students per class. Extraordinarily expensive but will pay off because little does the rest of the world know, we have our own "ivy league handshake" after you graduate that provides perks and opportunities of which I have benefited tremendously. Uptown is a much more relaxed environment as opposed to NYU and its chaotic and unnecessarily overpriced downtown setting. Columbia actually has a central campus unlike NYU rich in architectural splendor. Columbia also owns about 20 blocks of Morningside Heights so it offers residential units (actual apartments) at a cheaper price than its market rate. My neighbors were surgeons, professors, lawyers, as well as students. (I was paying $1100 /mo for a unit that was going on the market for $2300 /mo to non-Columbia affiliated residents)


    State University of New York (64 campuses)


    City University of New York (I think they have 20 campuses?)

    Fordham (Bronx)

    Jesuit University in New York. A cheaper alternative but I've never been a big fan of living in the Bronx. To each his/her own....

    Basically, living in Manhattan gets expensive. Branch out to the other burroughs and gets cheaper.

    Good luck.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    For the most part, NYC schools are very competitive to get into and very expensive if you are accepted (plus you'll be paying out-of-state tuition). That doesn't even include the cost of living there, which unless you have rich parents or a great scholarship and only have to pay for housing, isn't going to happen.

    My advice? Please do not choose your school based on where your BF is going. I would estimate that fewer than 5% of these couples last and then you're miserable because you didn't make your own choice about college. You may think you'll want to stay forever together, but you can't imagine what college is like until you get there. You WILL want to try dating other people. If it's meant to be, you'll make it work and get back together regardless of where you're located. My friends are the only HS couple I know that are still together and they went to separate schools.

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    5 years ago

    They are 2 separate associations supplying distinctive publications. York St John was once a instructor coaching university a long time in the past and York institution used to be the conventional institution supplying undergraduate publications. Hope this is helping.

  • 1 decade ago

    I supose it is Columbia University and not "Columbus" although it might be... i live far away from NY as to know so much...

    Possible schools are

    Columbia (Top-notch school)

    NYU (Veryyyyy Goodddd school)

    Pace Univeristy


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