Whats the REAL problem between Turks and Kurds?

Who are the REAL killers Kurds or Turks? I can not take sides because during the Armenian Genocide Kurds sided with Turks, but now they are enemies what happened?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First to mention that Kurds (just like Armenians and Assyrians) are one of the ancient people in the east of Anatolia.

    Kurds had mostly converted to Sunni Islam during Arab conquest, and later the immigrant Turks to Anatolia were also Sunni Muslims.

    This was the point that Kurds - unlike other people of the region - became friends with Turks, but always kept their "Kurdishness", I mean that they didn't lose their race, language and Kurdish culture. They have kept it until today.

    But why groups of them sided with Turks during the Armenian Genocide?

    Because they were never the target of "pan-Turkism" during the Ottoman Empire, and they were not threated.

    While at the end of 19'th and beginning of 20'th century all the nations under Ottoman Empire (Armenians, Greeks, Arabs and Slavic people) were fighting for independence, Kurds were still with Turks.

    Also to mention that many Armenians during the genocide were survived by Kurds.

    Up to this point, Kurds and Turks are friends.

    BUT in the "Modern Turkey" things changed...

    This time, the only non-Turk people of Turkey were Kurds. All Christian people of Turkey were wiped out as much as possible before, during the Ottoman Empire.

    For this, Turkish government started his new program against Kurds.

    For example they said that "Kurds are a kind of Turks"!!!

    They called them "mountain Turks" and so... ( Denial of Kurdish identity!)

    While Kurds are from Indo-Iranian branch, they were told mountain Turks.

    (Newly some of Turkish officials have said that Kurds have Turkmen root!!!)

    Kurdish language was forbidden and they couldn't learn their mother tongue.

    Actions like these, didn't remain without re-action from the Kurds, from this point the Kurdish-Turkish relations started to change, and they started to think for independence.

    It was the real problem among them, but also some other reasons such as PKK terrorism made the problems deeper.

    To Tanju:

    Maybe you're right, in recent time PKK terrorism is the main problem between Turks and Kurds, but how it started?

    It started as an answer to anti-Kurdish actions of Turkish government.

    Of course I condemn PKK and terrorism, but everything has got a root...

    Source(s): I made it as short as possible
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  • 5 years ago

    Kurds are freedom fighters and they have been fighting for freedom for years. Turkey has come into the Middle East 800 years ago, Kurds come into the Middle East 8000 years ago. Turks and Muslim Arabs hate Kurds because Kurds weren't originally muslim, but they don't hate Kurds because of that it because the Kurdish land has plenty of oil.. Which is why they hate Kurds and kills, tortures, kurds. Kurds fight for their freedom because they need help and are fighting right now with ISIS and turkey.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Our GRANDFATHERS were with the turks. Now WE pay the price. Do you know how does it feels for a nation of millions not to have a country to live in the 21st century ?

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  • 1 decade ago

    The problem is that the Kurds are living on tons and tons and tons of OIL. It's not acceptable to the Turks to respect their wish to become independent. Their land is too valuable. So, they keep them uneducated and poor.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Dear Beemer

    There is no problem berween Kurds and Turks. In the past we had Kurdish presidents and ministers, today we have Kurdish ministers. Mr. Halis Toprak is the third rich of our country also a Kurdish person. His house is chosen one of the world's most expensive houses by New York Times.

    Of course like every country we have problems with a terrorist group called PKK. I hope this problem will be solved.

    Other than this subject let me give you some more information about the world. Where there are some problems in the countries.

    Spain: ETA

    Not all the Basques ETA members. ETA started as a mouvement against Franco the dictator but then the purposed changed and after Franco died some people settled because the only thing they wanted was Spain's freedom. But others continued as terrorists as ETA members the ones who killed a lot of Spanish people.

    ETA is also a disgrace to Basque population.

    Let me give you another example:

    Again about Spain.( I love Spain no offence to Spain or Spanish people)

    Spain is a member of EU as we all know. And Catalans are the group of people living in Spain who never consider themselves as Castellian (Spanish) but Catalan.

    They want to have their own state but as we see this doesn't happen. But nobody makes apressure on Spain about it.

    Another example from France:

    Corsica is an island where the bombs are everywhere.

    Corsicans want to be free. But listen here carefully. What are Corsicans going to do if they are all alone? No economy, nothing. (Ok there is sea, tourism whatever but not enough so even though they say bla bla bla they can't do without France.

    Let's look at the side of France. Why don't they let a place who want s to have its freedom?

    Well i see noone putting a pressure on france about it either.:)

    So i wanted to tell you these. Don't take sides until you really make a research.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Turks and Kurds are brothers...

    It's like the Catalans and the Basques in Spain.

    It's like the Corsicans and the French West Indies people ( Antillais ) in France.

    It's like the Sicilians in Italy.

    Etc, etc...

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  • Tanju
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    1 decade ago

    Hi Beemer,

    Firstly, I must say, Pelin (IstanbulBogazi) nice speaking ... Congratulations! ...

    Just only I will additional ...

    Dear Beemer, you must know, we have just only PKK Problem in Turkiye. There is no any problem between Turks and Kurds ...

    We believe only one Country and only one Flag ...

    Former President Turgut Ozal was a Kurdish, Former Minister of Internal Affairs was a Kurdish, like Pelin said Businessman Halis Toprak is a Kurdish ...

    Can be a problem between Turks and Kurds ? I believe Not, Otherwise, Mr. Ozal, how could be President ?

    OK, Lets thinking PKK ... What are they doing ?

    Taking Some Guns and ammunitions from US, and killing our Women, Men and Soldiers and want to divide Turkish Republic ...

    Must be Approve ?

    So, what will we say to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk ?

    Have a nice Day

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    • Ruth6 years agoReport

      Why can't people in that part of the world let the Kurds have their own country? Turkey and Iraq need to give them a homeland, they have been there longer than this retarded religion of Islam has been around. Kurds wouldn't be Muslim if they hadn't been threatened with death.

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  • 1 decade ago

    when it comes to turks and others the real problem is always the others and that's how the story goes for centuries.

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  • Why is the relationship between Turks and Kurds are being questioned and sabotaged here online. If you ask these questions because you want to really ask about Armenian and Turkish relations, why do you ask always at the "yahoo>>travel>Turkey" questions area. Go ask them at "yahoo>travel>Armenia" questions area. This is supposed to be for questions about TRAVEL and TURKISH REPUBLIC... I don't see how Turkish and Kurdish relations are a travel topic to begin with. Plus they get along just fine. International media must be needing a new sensationalized topic, and bringing you these concepts lately... Unless you didn't even read it on a paper and are here just for annoying everyone.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    hi bilmeyener !

    Read this news concerning pseudo-armenian genocide while block me!





    there is no problem between TÜRKLER and KÜRTLER ,it must be another thinks for example "outsides enemy" project that is called "BOP".

    take care !

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