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is there any difference between "computer security" and "network administration"?

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    Network administration deals with setting up routers and VPNs and the like... making sure bandwidth is flowing.

    Information Security Professionals deal with setting policy and procedure, performing risk assessments and vulnerability assessments, risk management, security awareness training. In a properly segregated environment security officers should not be in the IT department.. they should e seperate just as auditors are seperate. InfoSec also deals with ensuring regulatory compliance with HIPAA, SOX, etc.. and many other areas... such as incident response, forensics, and legal action.

    While sometimes network administrators may deal with security tools such as firewalls... or some companies may blend the roles incorrectly... they are very different.

    "Computer security" would refer to the hardening of a system such as ensuring it has a firewall and anti-virus on it... a proper password, screensaver lockout, etc...

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    Security is an aspect of Network administration. You need to ensure security within the network as well as external access to it.

    Network administration is a large umbrella encompassing several aspects including the individual PC security.

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    computer security

    can be classed as antivirus, firewall, spyware protection and password protection.

    network administration

    this involves looking after an entire network including security of the network as well as maintenance, upgrade, troublshooting and so on

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    Odd question. Why, if the computer is not part of a local network it doesn't need any security? :)

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