Why isn't our media helping us discourage the enemy by simply reporting the truth? 12,000 insurgents dead!

Why did it take a Presidential Address to inform us that our superior military forces had killed 12,000 terrorists since January? President Bush said last night that we had killed on average, 1500 enemy forces per month since January! That is freaking amazing! What a great job our soldiers are doing over there, and the Democrats have the gall to call General Patraeus a liar!

Is the media afraid of psychologically intimidating the enemy by crowing about how many of their fellow jihadists have died? What is wrong with our media (rhetorical question, I know)? 12,000 dead enemies, and not a peep!

Why isn't our media helping us discourage the enemy by simply reporting the truth?

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    The Nixon Administration already used the body-count scam. After it was exposed, it lost appeal. Bush doesn't know that because he was whacked out on booze and drugs at that time, too.

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    We need to find a way to overhaul the entire media!

    The media believes that only bad news sells. I don't believe that is true. If you saw a headline that said, "Amazing Progress Made in Iraq: Frazzled Insurgents On The Run", wouldn't you buy the newspaper or magazine?

    Here is how the media damages the U.S.

    First, no one wants to be President. You couldn't give the Presidency to Condaleezza Rice, nor to many other qualified people. They know the media will try every slimy trick in the book to embarrass candidates and their families. Who wants to be put under such a microscope? You can't live a normal life this way, and I'll bet a lot of women convince their husbands not to run because they couldn't stand the stress the media would exert.

    The media is even destroying a President's ability to do his job. Think of how many hundreds of hours Clinton had to spend defending himself against a litany of accusations. We should let a President do the job for which we elected him. Imagine if during the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the press had started reporting JFK's infidelities? The tension on JFK was already debilitating, so add the huge distraction of a scandal, and the Cuban Missile Crisis could have ended terribly for us all.

    Let a President do his job while in office! No one can function with all these distractions and demands on their time. A President is a human being; he gets tired, he can only handle a certain amount of stress. We act like we can pull a President in a thousand different directions and still get great leadership. Let's stop being so naive.

  • The media IS reporting the truth, 3,700 American troops have DIED, over 66,000 Iraqi civilians have DIED that's more than FIVE TIMES the number of "insurgents" (12,000) that have died in Iraq. And do we know for a fact that these were real, legitimate "insurgents" or were they "insurgents" under the Bush Administration definition of the word, just like the definition of "success" to the average person differs from that of the Bush administration.

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    1 decade ago

    So we've killed 12,000 (If true). How many new insurgents have risen up to take their place? Since it is clear that the 12,000 dead hasn't done anything to markedly reduce the ongoing violence, a reasonable person would see that it is a meaningless figure. As such, it does not deserve mention by the press.

    Regardless, how would it help discourage people who are not only willing but eager to sacrifice their lives for their cause to let them know that so many others have died before them?

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    5 years ago

    LOL! It's so true. It's like the Green Helmut Guy that kept showing up in almost every photo that AFP ran in Lebanon and then got busted for photoshopping.

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    1 decade ago

    How many of our soldiers are dead??? Just because we have a bigger military doesn't mean our people aren't as important. For ever bad guy we kill they kill or injure 10 of ours THAT is the simple truth. I spent 10 years in the military, and Im tired of our goverment killing my friends because the oil companys dont want us to use electric solar powered cars, (the electric car was recalled b/c the car companies, didnt want to piss off the oil companies, the car worked excellent -ask Tom Hanks) So you know what its about time the media started thinking for them selves and stop taking spoon fed facts, I think that may apply to you as well.

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    Al Jazeera is an excellent source of news. I know, i read them after I read the US press. The European press is good too.

    And kiddo, the US press is anything but liberal. They always print lies about dead insurgents when the reporters who are actually there are talking about dead women and children.

    As it was pointed out, Nixon already tried it. Now we know that the US military reported dead Viet Congs when it massacred entire villages. Hersh uncovered just such an event in his book on the My Lai Massacre.

    You think you can commit genocide and get away with it?: The world is watching and teh Americans are being shamed. Nobody trusts you anymore, we all know of your heinous crimes. We love it when you compare your enemies to Hitler because we know that even Hitler had the support of your government and entrepreneurs

    We know the truth. Why keep repeating you are killing insurgents when in fact you are murdering families and children? A million of them since the invasion and half a million through the blockade.

    Shame on you.

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    Is that from the same reporting agency that told Bush that Saddam had WMDs and that he was collaborating with Al Quaida?

    Just how many "hook, line and sinkers" will you swallow from that man before you realize the TRUTH? Which, by the way, is not to be found in the man.

    Our long-suffering troops are to be admired and respected, their Commander should be booed from the podium.

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    1 decade ago

    So who is the enemy again? Oh, you mean the Iraqis that had there village decimated and their family killed since America came in to liberate them? Besides, I think Bush is full of ****!

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    1 decade ago

    >600,000+ Iraqi civilians dead

    >4000 American soldiers dead

    >2 million Iraqi Iraqis refugees

    >barely any electricty, water, schools, etc.

    >the violence continues without cease

    >BUSH's intelligence people say we are creating more terrorists than we are killing

    >Widespread corruption in the US companies suposedly rebuilding Iraqi facilities

    >the Iraqi government is collapsing

    All of those things are FACTS. Which the media properly reports.

  • 1 decade ago

    you believe bush? hahahahahhahahah. The truth is an average of 1500 innocent iraqi civilians are killed every month. Admiral Fallon says petraeus is a ******** . If what you say is true the media would be reporting this and that is what I believe.

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