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What are symptoms of a perforated eardrum?


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    Perforated Eardrum Symptoms

    Pain is the most common symptom.

    You may notice only some general discomfort.

    You may notice immediate intense pain.

    You may just feel as if something is not right with your ear.

    Other common symptoms

    Vertigo (spinning sensation)





    Hearing change or loss

    Fluid or blood draining from your ear

    When to Seek Medical Care

    Call your doctor immediately if you have a ruptured eardrum and any of the following occur:

    An uncontrolled spinning sensation

    Difficulty walking

    An abrupt change in your hearing

    A change in your ability to taste foods

    You accidentally put your ear under water

    The following symptoms suggest a potentially life-threatening complication and require immediate medical evaluation:

    Stiff neck

    High fever

    The worst headache of your life

    Numbness or weakness in face, arms, or legs

    Difficulty talking or opening mouth

    Continued vomiting

    Pain in the bone behind your ear

    Abrupt change in vision

    Difficulty staying awake

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    Frequent ear aches/pain, bleeding from the ear, ringing or buzzing sound, and/or hearing loss.

    Although not necessarily all at once. The frequent ear ache is the most common sign.

    Source(s): My brother has a perforated ear drum and has had to have multiple surgeries to repair it.
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