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3 semester units = how many hours?

I need to do this intern work worth 3 semester units, I ws wondering how many hours should I put in?? Please help?

How wud u convert 3 semester units into hours basically?

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    The rule of thumb is that 1 semester hour is equal to 1 hour per week for a semester in the classroom. 3 semester hours is 3 hours per week in class per semester.

    This is different for labs though where 1 semester hour = 3 hours in lab per week for a semester.

    I'd think an internship is closer to a lab than an academic class so it'd be 1 semester hour = 3 contact hours or 3 semester hours = 9 contact hours.

    If I were writing a proposal, I'd be inclined to use 10 hours per week for a semester as a 3 semester hour equivalent but would base the proposal more on the learning objectives than simply hours. If there's a paper due on the experience as well, I'd stop the internship 2 weeks before the paper is due and use those two weeks to write the paper.

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    3 semester units hours

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    Absolutely not .... I took 20 units and worked 20 hours a week one semester. However, i would like to point out that you should take some time to enjoy your college years. Enjoy some flexibility in your schedules if at all possible because once you start your career, it is the same schedule every day and you willl be busy.

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    it is a 1 to 1 ratio. Although when it comes to an internship, normally you are told how many hours you need to put in.

    For a 3 credit internship I would equate that to 9 hours spent at the internship a week.

    Most classes say that for every hour in class you should spend 2 hours out of class working on homework or studying. That is how I ended up with 9. 3 hours of work for each credit = 9 hours.

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    The number of hours you put in are related to how much work is needed to learn the material, and to get good grades.

    It does not translate by any formula from the number of class hours.

    Think of school as being like a full time job.

    Most people work a 40-50 hour week, do not have any homework from the job. In certain professions, like teaching and computing, the employee is like working 90% of the time they are not eating or sleeping ... there is take home stuff from the work place.

    When you are in school, you need to be that kind of professional, because you need to learn the stuff to the best of your ability. You want to be the best darn "employee" you can be, because this "job" is to train yourself to be a darn good person in a future good paying job.

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