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What were the names of the two passengers in the other car in vince neils 1984 accident where Razzle died?

I thing his name was Dan Parks. and He was a friend of mine. but I can't find anything about the 2 in the other car from web searches. Thank You for any Information.

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    Web searches won't do much because the others weren't famous people. What you'll have to do is leave the computer and travel to your library to pull the films of old newspapers. I've tried looking at the archives of old papers and don't see anything in the first paragraph (the only free part of the articles) that gives any clues. But the LA Times does have 2 articles on the crash that are long and detailed. If you go to the library they'll either have the LA Times already or can order the films for you through Interlibrary loan and have them in just a few days. It's usually no more than $3 for a film and you'll have the whole article.

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