What brand of alcohol tastes good?

i'm getting sick of smirnoff and absolut.

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    If you're after vodka then I would recommend Stolichnaya, really smooth and a nice taste. I have a lovely bottle of Stoli at home waiting for the weekends!

    My other recommendation is a little bit of an acquired taste. It's Żubrówka or sometimes known as Bison grass vodka. It is not clear but a yellowish colour and it has a blade of grass in the bottle. I personally love the taste and smell of this and would really recommend drinking it with apple juice. I tried this in a Polish Vodka bar and have loved it since.

    However neither of these are particularly cheap options, I have also had Imperial vodka in the past which has quite a nice taste to it and isn't that pricey.

    If you're after other spirits then that really depends on what tastes you like. I'd recommend trying a couple of different spirits with mixers, although don’t try them all on the same night as mixing your drinks isn't good!

    You could try:

    Gin and Tonic (I'm not too keen as it tastes a bit to bitter for me)

    Dark rum and coke (or dark rum and sprite - really yummy, a chap in Dom Rep introduced this to me and called it Caribbean champagne!) You can try white rum too if you prefer.

    Malibu and coke (I don't like coconut much so that's another no for me!)

    Port and Lemonade (although you might get people telling you it's a granny drink but it's very refreshing)

    JD, Southern comfort or just Whisky with coke (quite a strong flavour though)

    You can try Archers although I find it too sickly sweet (and I have a sweet tooth!!)

    Most spirits can be mixed with many different soft drinks but the ones above are some of the more popular ones.

    Source(s): I like drink and occasionally work shifts in a private club.
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    Brand usually makes little difference, unless you're a connoisseur! Try different types of liquor. I like Ameretto, rum, Irish cream, Kahlua, etc. They get you happy, and taste yummy! There's Schapps in about every flavor under the sun, hard to get tired of all those choices!

    For whiskey, I do tend to stick with Southern Comfort. I prefer the sweet, smooth flavor of it over the burning bite of many others. Mixes well with Coke, too.

    I don't drink much any more, but I used to, a lot. In my liquor cabinet right now, I have Kahlua and vodka, and Bartles & Jaymes coolers in the fridge. I'm thinking about getting some Coronas sometime soon. I don't like the taste of most beer, to be honest, but I love Corona!

    That's just me, and what I think. There are too many choices to get stuck in a rut. Branch out, experiment and have fun!

    Source(s): My experience
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    Nothing beats a good single malt scotch! Laphroaig is smokey awesomeness that won't break the bank. Also remember that amny of the good harder alcohols are acquired tastes. Much like beer and wine. Avoid the crappy cheap stuff (Johnnie Walker Red Label, Jack Daniels, Captian, etc) and you'll find that the good ones are actually tasty and satisfying. ;-) Just remember though. The good stuff isn't meant to be mixed or shot. It's intention is sipping over time. If you like shooting, just stick to the cheap stuff.

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    Grey Goose, Chopin

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    Kentucky Bourbon (Jim Beam), Decent Scotch (I like Haig &

    Haig "Pinch"),cheap whiskey (Jack Daniels) --- there's

    lots 'o' different schnapps that are good straight or mixed

    (I prefer De Kuyyper)

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    jack daniels tastes good, especially in diet coke

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    for vodka? try Ciroc

    Excellent with tonic and lime

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