My Friend is ditching the FFA officers please help:?

ok so there's this guy who has a seventh and in my ag. department where both officers, so he can'tt come, I still think he shouldn't be an officer cause he can't come if u can't drop ur little elective-not-needed seventh then u doesn't deserve it, but we also have lunch meeting and he's skiping those to, for no reason! he just doesn't want to be here(to me heaven on earth), so why would he run? I heard him talking 2 a teacher and said it was justa get togeter, why shouldn't he come thought, our VP is his best friend, I don't think should be allowed, do other chapters allow there section representatives to miss meeting for these reasons? (this might me cause I have a huge crush on him in Jan. but as I said ag to me is heaven on earth).


yeah I know, who doesn't? I'm just asking do other chapters do this?

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    If he is not going to help, he doesn't need to be an officer! What does the rest of the officer team think about this? Has your advisor talked to him?

    I just hate it when officers are chosen by who is most popular and not by experience and best welfare for the club!

    Here in our chapter... (my daughters chapter) the officers have to be selected by the teachers and administration. It is a BIG deal to be an officer here!

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    Nope, my son's chapter took it VERY seriously. If you were an officer you had to be at the meetings, no questions asked. You need to speak with your advisor about this. The officers need to be serious about being involved and active in their chapter, and that means taking part in all the meetings. That's all I have to say about that.

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    Did you ever read the story of the fox and the sour grapes. Maybe you should, it sounds like that is what is going on here. This is something to be worked out by the officer involved and your chapter supervisor. You know, the one who's here by the owl.

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