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Is there a website that will provide me with step-by-step instructions to replacing my radiator myself? I have a 4 cylindar Chevy Venture.

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    Chilton's has a DIY subscription service. Here's the link:

    Spend the $19.95 for a 1-year subscription and use your printer.

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    replacing a radiator yourself is very easy as long as you have the tools needed and can access the bolts easily. First you need to drain the fluid in your old radiator by unscrewing the drain plug on the bottom of the radiator, if yours does not have a plug then disconnect the coolant hose on the bottom of the radiator and allow to drain. Once drained, disconnect all of the hoses going into it. Next unscrew the attachment bolts. Remove and then follow steps backwards to install new radiator. Make sure that all hose clamps are tight and then fill the new radiator with new coolant and fill resevior to fill line. Good luck

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    I doubt you'll find a website for this. I've looked for similar sites for other car and motorcycle repairs. Your best bet is to go to the library (or purchase) a "Chiltons" Repair Manual for your car. They have step by step instructions clearly written for non mechanics. They have plenty of diagrams and pictures that are very helpful. (You should have some mechanical knowledge or aptitude to understand but if your going to do this yourself I'm assuming you do.)

    Good luck! You'll be saving about $300-$400 by doing it yourself.

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    If they can't help then go to a library and find a Chiltons manual for your vehicle and copy the pages. I have used Chiltons for 20 years and as far as I know it gives you the best way of doing the repair. On the bright side this is a good project to diy. Good luck

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    You can try Also, you can buy the Haynes or Chilton manual for about $25 that will show you this and other do it yourself procedures.

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    You might want to check out autozone's site. Here's a link: They offer a d.i.y. repair guide.

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