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I Want to Grow Taller, please help.?

I am 15 years and 9 months old. I am 5'5 tall, my dad is 5'8, my mom is 5'2.

I really want to add a few more inches, I hope I could reach 5'9.

Please give me guides and methods to increase my heights, what kind of sport, eg. swimming and/or basketball and/or skipping, if skipping, how many times a day, if swimming how long, etc.

What type of food I should eat?

I have been drinkning a glass of milk every night for the last month and still there are no changes.

Please help me.

Your advice is deeply appriciated.

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    1-play basket ball daily for 1 hour

    2-drink milk daily morning and evening and eat meat three times a week(it's proteins(maybe helps))

    3-hang yourself to something a little high from ur hands(taller than urself), then try pulling urself up by ur hands.

    4-go to the gym

    5-sleep as much as u can(u usally grow tall while sleeping)

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    You cant make yourself taller.. it depends on genetics. since your only 15 you are still growing and for some people it can take them years to grow a little more taller... sometimes to the age of 18. instead of 1 glass of milk you should try taking 3, 1 in d morning, after lunch nd before you go to sleep... calcium helps the bones to GROW and be strong... so if ur meant to be 5'6 or 5'7 nd so on... the calicum your concuming will help the bones grow as much as they are needed to.... you could also stretch.. but that wont make you taller it will make your muscles look longer nd leaner.

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    Sorry your DNA is responsible for height and there isn't anything you can do about it. You still have a few years before your offical growth will stop. According to you have a chance of growing 5'7.5 inches.

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    Its in the genes. Your parents are not that tall. But try to eat nutritious foods..(balanced diets)..Have enough sleep and milk. Pilatis is an exercise that hepls you look longer nad taller.

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    HGH - Human Growth Hormone. Do your research first. The most effective is injections but it is the most expensive too. You may have heard of giants. It is because their growth hormone is out of whack and they do not stop growing. Growth hormone is not just for height but for aging too. People age because their growth hormone slows down.

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    height is programmed into you at birth. it is genetic, not something you can effect. you will be as tall as your body is programmed to grow. the only way diet can effect that is in a bad way. if you are starved it can retard the growth, but nothing can make them grow more that your genes are programmed to.

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    you have at least 2-5 yrs of growing left - I grew 2 inches my freshman yr in college - you might get to 5'8 or 5'9

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    Yoga might help, but you are going up against genetics here.

    Remember you are perfect the way you are.

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