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My personality has changed.?

I used to be so outgoing, motivated, empowered, now I'm the complete opposite. I'm 21, and up until now I was all those things, now...the opposite.

Help! Thanks.

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    are you suffering from depression? it sounds like it.

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    You have grown up and see things a bit more clearly now.I used to be a real people pleasing person and always smiling.Now at age 52, I will tell anyone what I think.I feel much freer now and only hang around people who add something to my life.

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    Hard to say, maybe now that you are an adult you are feeling insecure about your future because now it's up to you to make things happen and before you had the free ride from your parents.

    I would give it some time and you will be back to your old self.

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    1 decade ago

    you could be depressed d did something bad happen in you life and did you lose your lust for life or are you just slowing down now

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