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could I be pregnant?

I think I am on my period right now, but it has been a little lighter and different than normal, and also came several days late. And starting last nite I have been light headed and kinda dizzy at times. Are any of these things related to early pregnancy? I have had unprotected sex. I just don't know if I am getting sick or if I should go get a test. The period just thorws it all off.

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    First and foremost in these times of AIDS you should be practising safe sex ,its possible you can fall pregnant if your'e not using contraceptives and having unprotected sex which also brings with it sexually transmited dieseases as well. The light headedness and dizziness can be caused by your period i usually experience that when am on my period which can also make me nauseas and give me migraines or it can also be one of those early pregnancy signs as well. But for now i suggest you do a pregnancy test to get assurance of whether you are pregnant or not dear gal but do not stress yourself a lot if i were you i would do the test A.S.A.P or you are thinking too much because you had unprotected sex and i suggest you tell the young man what your'e going through as well. GOOD LUCK

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    If your period is lighter than usual

    then you should do a test just to be safe

    as you can experience a lighter period whilst pregnannt

    good luck!

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    I am so sick of people asking this question. Who the hell are we supposed to answer that? Go take a pregnancy test.

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    Just take a prego test. Or it could be your body is just changing its cycle and flow. Remember that your body does change. But def go see a doctor

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