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I wish George Bush could be reelected because he's really cute! I love him! Do you?

P.S. I love the way he winks!

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    yeh hes ok

    but in pinks song mr president

    i think what is pink doing for all the homeless people

    and then she sells a song about him being bad but hes not at least hes doing something pink thinks shes perfect

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    Personally, I think Bush is hte biggest jackhole on the planet. I feel cheated as a voter because instead of having qualified candidates to vote for, we get stuck with idiots for whom we need to decide on based on which one is not the worst, rather than which one is the best. It infuriates me that in arguably the most powerful country on Earth, where we have many of the best and brightest people on the planet, excellent schools, and a pool of some 200,000,000 citizens, the best candidates we can come up with for leader of this country are George Bush and John Kerry? And now, for 2008, we have a loudmouth near-dyke, a washed-up mayor riding the 9-11 wave, a ***** who is dissed by his own people for not being black enough, and assorted nutballs who can't even keep their campaigns running. God help us...

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    I remember when I met Georgie in a stall in Dallas- Ft Worth airport. I tappe dmy foot, he tapped his foot, and it was love at first tap. We used to walk by rhe Waterfont in Galveston, hand in hand and watch as the moon rose over the gulf. Ahh, those were the days, drinkin' Jack, driving around raising hell.

    Then that damned Laura got hold of him. He got aspirations to be Emporer of the World and said he needed a beard.

    Things were never the same after that.

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    1 decade ago

    Sorry for you, but you are using the wrong standards to evaluate

    a person in such an important position as president of a nation.

    When you grow up you will know what I mean.

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    Voting for the leader of our country on a wink.

    And we wonder why this country has so many problems.

    Thanks for doing your part to make a mockery of the system that so many people have fought for, and for lowering the standards of the American people.

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    LOL you deserve 5 stars for the best, humorous non question question ever.

    Just because I find it amusing the way he looks dazed, in most of his tv appearance, doesn't mean I want him back in office.

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    And the dumbing down of the US citizenry is going so well too.

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    I read your question and nearly chocked to death on a potato chip.

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    yeah i reckon hes hung like a horse lol

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Wow, that's really shallow of you.

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