How long do u have to wait to book an Expedia trip for next October?

I am trying to book my honeymoon and i won't allow me to that far in advance. I am finding awesome deals and I want to book it. Does anyone know how long I have to wait?

I've already tried other online travel companies but I'm only interested in Expedia at the moment.

October 12, 2008

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    Availability is generally put out 330 days in advance, so if you were looking for a trip beginning on October 12, 2008, the first day that any information would be available would be on November 16 of this year. You would probably want to wait a little longer, depending on the length of your travel, so that return travel dates are also open.

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    Go back to expedia and try to book for some other month, like august or September 2008. You will see normally dates you are allowed to book your holiday are show in different shade. (Then you do some maths and find out how many months in advance you can make your booking). I think last time when I was trying to do so it was something like 10-11 months in advance. Do not remember exactly!

    Good Luck!

    Just had a look. You can only book until first week of august, so you will need to wait a little bit longer!!!

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    You'll have to wait til around Oct 19, 2007 before you could book for the date you want.

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    365 days

    watch out with expedia!

    Make sure you have cancellation insurance!

    If you want the number to a good travel agency that won't charge you processing fee's let me know.

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