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my parents just keep causing me trouble...?

im a 14 girl and i ve been talking by msn with a guy that as 10 more years than me.. but hes really nice and all and he is the big brother of my best friend. well everytime we talk i call him cute and he calls me cute, he says he likes me and i say i like him but really not in that way. seriously we r like kinda joking. well my parents managed to somehow find out the conversations i have with him and now they think hes my boyfriend or something and are forbiding me from talking with him cause just because hes 10 years older they consider him dangerous.. but hes my friend and i don't want to lose him..

i have only been with him personally three times (one at the cinema along with his brother and twice at the park alone with him) but i really trust him and hes the best person i have known. and im really sure he doesn t want to harm me. but my parents think the opposite.

pliz help me what should i do i keep trying to explain to them that we are just friends but they dont listen


BUT HE DOESNT WANT TO DATE ME!!! he already told be he wants nothing more than be my friend and i know hes not lying...

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    Cant you see it from your parents perspective? They find their 14 year old daughter talking to/flirting with a 24 year old man?! They are trying to protect you, not hurt you. Yes you may just be friends but they are doing what is in your best interest. You are young and naive and just because you think he wouldnt do anything because you trust him, doesnt mean he wouldnt!!

    Stick to boys your own age!

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    dear , why do you say that your parents are troubling you ?they are your parents and every parents act like that when their young girl of 14 is chatting with someone older than said that you know the guy and trust him but your parent doesn't or maybe they do know him thats why they are behaving like this .there are two solution 1)ask your friend to talk to your parent to make them know what kind of person he is.2)tell your parent politely exactly how he is to make them trust you.good luck....

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    Parents are always trouble to their chldren and vice versa. There's no way in avoiding this unwritten fact.Make them trust you. Gain their trust. Do things that make them hapy.

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    he is a grown MAN! if he is dating children it's because he is a pedophile...once you finish growing your boobs he will dump you for another LITTLE GIRL....your parents are right, go play with your barbies and watch bratz....whatta creep, your parents should call the cops and inform them of this PERVERT!!! stay away from him, or you'll get him in trouble!

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    Well, tell them to trust you. Tell them he is your only guy FRIEND and you aren't going out with them. Do special things for them without asking and their you go they're happy then talk to them!

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    yea... your parents are right on this one.. it can only LEAD to one thing!! and it's not good! trust me on this one... you need to leave him alone... if he is really 'awesome' then he will wait until you are 17 or 18... to "talk" to you.

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    You can tell them that if anything happens, please see your best friends parents to guarantee your safety. If they are still being worried when you hang out with him. Inform them where were you going and when are you coming back.

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