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When sending my manuscript, what should I include???

My manuscript is complete and a publisher wants to see it via email and include it in an attachment.

In the manuscript, should I include a table of contents?

Should I include my dedication in the book?

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    ana, before you send your manuscript to this publisher, you owe it to yourself to check its legitimacy. There are a lot of publishing scams online and you don't want to fall for one. Some of them have very professional-looking web presence, too.

    One place to check is Preditors and Editors:

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    Congratulations on having an editor request a full manuscript! That's a great step in the process. Do not include a dedication. This only comes into play if/when they actually publish your book.

    I'm not sure what type of book you've written but here are some tips on formatting a novel for submission:

    Search the web and you'll find lots of information from writers about formatting their manuscripts.

    Best of luck with your manuscript!

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    If it's fiction, include a cover page with the title of the book, your name, and your contact information. If you want to, you can put the copyright symbol and the year on this page, as well, but it's not necessary. Then just include the manuscript.

    If it's non-fiction, cover page, table of contents, and the ms.

    If you have time, give it one last read through and make sure it's as good as you can make it. Run the spell checker. Etc.

    Good luck! I hope they decide to publish it.

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    When you send a book manuscript, you send everything you've put together for that book in the format specified by the publisher (for example paragraphs set to double spaced).

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    Just send the 'script unless the publisher asked for anything else.

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    the story

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