Web Design: are Stock Photos ok?

So if you are working on a site, and your client provides you w/ a small amount of low-quality pics, is it ok to use a couple of stock photos? That seems like false advertising. The page I'm working on currently is for a ranch. How about some deer or scenic pics? Let me know...Thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I use images form istockphoto.com. I find them cheaper and I can usually find what I am looking for on that site. If you do decide to use the pics from a stock photo site, please ask your client before you do it. I have found that many clients get offended if you assume they want something else. Plus, there is the cost factor that you have to consider. Don't assume the cost of the images on yourself. If your client decides to go with stock images, they need to know before hand what they are going to be charged. That is why I like istockphoto.com. You can get a small image that is very good web quality or about $2.00. You can get bigger ones at a very reasonable price too. I used to use gettyimages.com, but they are pretty pricey. At least they used to be. Most of the stock photo sites (finally) are getting to where they are selling web images. Before, they were just selling images that advertisement firms use. Those kind of companies usually have more money to spend than you smaller mom and pop web firms.

    As far as it being false advertisement, it sounds like what you are wanting to show is in no way false. Again, I would talk to your client about changing images just to be sure that you aren't stepping on any toes.

    Hope this advice has helped. Please e-mail me if you want to talk shop :)

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