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About Speech Pathology Career?

I have become interested in maybe pursuing a degree in speech pathology and wanted to know what the outlook for the future is on this job. I am bilingual and wanted to know if my chances are good if i do wish to pursue speech pathology as a career.Please help! only serious answers please

P.S. wanted to know the working conditions of woking in speech pathology

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    It is actually one of the very best careers one could have. Speech pathologists are in very high demand, and it will be even more so because of the aging of the "Baby boomers", as well as the thousands of US military veterans with brain injury.

    You are fortunate to be bilingual. I am, too, and was never out of work longer than a week.

    There are many settings where we can be employed, and they cover the entire human lifespan. Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, schools, and private practice are all possibilities. I worked primarily in the medical setting, where I specialized in neurogenic, swallowing, craniofacial, and head and neck disorders. If you want to work with kids, there are specializations with that population, too. Another good thing is you can switch settings at any time if you burn out in one. You can find work literally wherever you live, so it is highly mobile. It pays well (I retired at $90,000 per year after 20 years), is interesting, and you can work full-time, part-time, per diem, or as an independent contractor.

    If you want to get an idea of just how in demand SLPs are, look up jobs on Craigslist, Monster, etc.

    Source(s): I was a speech pathologist.
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    It can be competitive in terms of getting into school programs but not in the job world. When I finished my master's in speech pathology I had people I didn't even know calling me to offer me a job. In fact I had job offers 6 months before I graduated. I basically could have worked wherever I wanted because there is a huge shortage in this field. It's considered one of the top careers in terms of being able to find work. There are some states that don't have as much of a shortage, such as Colorado. I'm not sure where you live. And by the way I LOOOOVE my job.

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