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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed legislation Thursday afternoon banning teens from driving with cellphone

good move? How are they going to enforce blue tooth speaker phone on their car while driving? just curious..

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    yeah like this law will work ,, we have the same law in new york but it is for everyone,, do u know how many people break the law,

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    i dont know but i think its a veryyy good move.

    in my drivers Ed. class there are like..14 F's.I am one of the few passing.

    i am so scared to drive on the road with these people so i just want all the strictest laws to be enforced! Cell phones/distractions cuz of electronic devices are one of the leading causes of serious accidents along with drunk driving and drugs etc.

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    Chicago has a law against hand held cell phone usage and I will say it does stop me about 50% of the time. So any law that might lower the accident prone from using their phones even if not perfect, is better than no law.

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    I LOVE THE IDEA.. young people have so much more to focus on while driving. i want my teen to arrive alive..

    enforcement is another story -- because i live in chicago & the use of hand helds are prohibited/ have been since july 2005...

    so why do i ALWAYS see chicago police officers riding past chatting away. what tha?? you can't tell me to hang up --> you hang up mr. officer!!

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    Why did they stop at teens. There are many groups of society that should not use cell phones while driving - such as Senior Citizens.

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    yes very good. teens drive to much on their cells b/c they want to look cool. they will still break the law but if the penalty is high enuf they will get it eventually.

  • 1 decade ago 219 said---Like it really works. I live in N.Y. too and people don't give two hoots. They continue to use their cellphones and no one seems to care.

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    how are they going to enforce anything that someone does in their car? i would like to see california improve its durg problem, gang problem and illegal problem first and utilize their police force to reduce and eliminate those things.

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    I wish him the best of luck, trying to enforce this.

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    he doesn't make sense to me, since he talks so bad about inmigrants, and he's one himself with the strongest accent I ever heard.

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