i like this girl but she has a boyfriend?

i reall like her, she always complains how her boyfriend is too cocky and stuff and they break up like once a month. should i go for it? she invites me to her track meets and is always texting me

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Watch out, she's bound to hurt your feelings. Let her get rid of the BF first, either way you'll only be temporary. And would you want to be with a girl that texts and invites other guys to track meets. You see her for what she is right now, right?? You probably aren't the only guy she's texting =P

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    1 decade ago

    If she is willing to flirt with you; you will be the cocky boyfriend next. She will not likely leave him anyway she will just use you for a while and move to the next guy.

    Move on and find another girl; maybe come back when she has broken up with him.

    If you still want to pursue her here is how you proceed - I would be straight up and a little cocky about it. (that why she likes that other guy) tell her your interested but you don’t have time to spend on a girl with a boyfriend. If she wants a something better she needs to leave him. Then tell her to call you when she is single again and walk away; no more talking.

    That will burn in her head and she will start imagining herself with you instea of her. Bing bang 5 days later she will call. You are not beging and you didn't act like a punk.

    If you do it any other way, like running him down when they brake up, you come across like a weasel. Being a co*k blocker it is a good way to get hurt and you still look like a punk in the end.

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    1 decade ago

    Well it sounds like you have a shot but girls can be confusing sometimes with what they say. If she's still with him it means she still has some feelings for him.

    Imagine this scenario:

    You basically convince her that your her man by basically being there for her all the time and listening and agreeing with her on all the faults of her current relationship. She then breaks it off with her current boyfriend and goes out with you.

    Now, this sounds good and all and it may be for a few weeks but... she'll still have feeling for her ex boyfriend even though you comfort her. If anything at all goes wrong while she dates you she's prone to go back to him because he was in her life so long and it feels normal even though it's really wrong. She would be prone to this, everyone is.

    Now... that's not to say that anything is actually wrong with you and she'll tell you that over and over even when she's back with her boyfriend because she has feeling for you too. In the end she'll be confused as hell and so will you.

    Not to mention how her ex boyfriend will feel which will irritate the whole situation. You might have to break out Evander Holyfield if ya know what I mean.

    So... Let her know that your there for her whenever she needs you and reinforce the fact that you care about her. You don't actually have to tell her. You can do it by satisfying her when she prompts you with looks or talks or anything just make sure she knows that.

    The key is to let her make the decision on her current boyfriend by herself with out your immediate influence. If you sort of persuade into it she won't have made the decision on her own which means she may not have been ready herself, even though it felt good at the time. So let her make the decision on her own, give her time to do it, all the mean while letting her know your there for her. Then when she decides someday down the road, she'll be ready to commit to you the way you would want to be, and build relationship together.

    I hope I didn't make this sound to confusing or blow it out of porportion but women are emotionally attached most of the time and it's a lot harder on them then it would be for a guy.

    Be patient and she'll come your way.

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    1 decade ago

    Okay this is kinda tricky.

    I think she does like you coz she is inviting you to these things and is going out of her way to text you.

    Okay wait for them to break it off, wait a little while- so she can get over it (doesn't seem long coz it seems she is used to it coz its happens like once a month) okay but don't wait long enough for him to ask her back out.

    Show her your a great guy( like tickle her, compliment her and say if you were her man you would never treat her like that, tell her how special she is and how she deserves better)

    This will hopefully make her see that your an amazing guy and that you will make her feel fantastic and happy all the time.

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  • 1 decade ago

    She really doesn't know what she wants. You'll only end up playing the role of her psychoanalyst and she'll flood you with every little detail as to why she's so hopelessly attracted to someone who treats her in such an abusive manner. There's always the chance that she wants to make a clean brake from this guy but be careful, as your heart really could get broken. Good luck my friend.

  • 1 decade ago

    there is always situations like that.first ask the girl what she really wants from the relationship she has refused to leave.she should want something from the boy to have refused to leave him for a caring guy like you.also find out if there are blood ties that has made her believe she might not fare well in another relationship if she ventures into one.from the answers she gives you,you wll know your stand

  • 1 decade ago

    Bottom line - this girl is still very much a girl. I don't think she's grown up enough to really knows what she wants/likes/needs.

    I'd keep her as a hands-off friend only - she sounds like a drama queen who only wants you around to beef about her bf.

    You deserve better than that.

    Go find a real girl - who isn't such a whiner - and who is mature enough to love you back.

  • 1 decade ago

    no, she is just looking for a friend to hangout with, because her cocky bf won't go to her meets. Befriend her and keep doing what you are doin, but if something else comes up with someone else dont wait around for a girl who has a boyfriend....

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    1 decade ago

    Be careful- don't say anything bad about her on again off again boyfriend, just be there for her and listen to her. Be her friend and show her how a girl should be treated and show her you don't have her boyfriends bad qualitites. She may end up dumping him forever and she may end up just being your friend. Don't get used by her cause your the nice guy, just be a good friend, it could turn into something.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think that you need to just sit back and wait man and let her decide what she is going to do with her boyfriend first..that way you dont end up getting caught up in a bad situation..good luck hope this helps...feel free to email me if you ever need any more advice...

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