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Should I stay with him?

We've been going out for 2,5 years now and I love him very much, but we fight all the time and about stupid things too. I have found myself crying everyday for the past 3-4 months and Im really concerned for my heath because of this.

He spends TONNS of money on getting drunk and going out, but when I want him to buy me something he just says that he spends so much money on me anyway, and thinks im ungrateful

His friends are all 30-year old men who behave like teenagers and he is going under their influence, which is another reason for our fights

and if I say that Im unhappy with something, he just starts yelling at me, I feel like he has no respect.

Although besides the time that we fight our relationship is great and i love him like crazy, and he is smart and family oriented and i feel safe with him. I just really feel like im on the edge and i dont know how much longer can i take all this fighting and yelling, so please help, should i stay or should i leave?

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    If he treats you like that is because he has no respect for you. You guys are not at the same level right now. It seems like you want to settle down while hes still in party mode. My cousin came out of the same situation months ago and now is dating a great guy that treats her like a queen.

    Remember you deserve BETTER!! Never settle with just ok. I know it's hard to let go but if it's meant to be he'll be back. You'll never know if you don't break it off. Best of wishes ;-)

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    Honestly, sounds like you could find someone that treated you better...

    If ya'll fight that often and you've been upset for that long...Is it really worth it? Do you see yourself in 10yrs being happy with him? If he is partying all the time with his friends... it doesn't seem like he is too family oriented. (I'm assuming he's in his 30's as well).

    I guess maybe you have just gotten really comfortable with him over the past few years... but trust me, there are people out there that will treat you with respect and dignity.

    No one deserves to be with someone that makes them unhappy. Regardless if you love him or not.

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    You are the only one who can truly answer this question. But in my opinion... You either have to leave or decide you are in this for the long haul. That behavior in a grown man is not healthy and at some point there needs to be an intervention. It could take years for him to grow up. If you love him so much that you are willing to go thru all that stay. If not cut your loses and say good bye soon.

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