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changes in brooklyn?

do any of you brooklynites think brooklyn is changing?

it used to be some place where we lived and no one else other than brooklynites thought about. now it's getting all trendy with the whole williamsburg thing. it seems they are trying to make brooklyn the new manhattan, which we honestly don't need because one manhattan is enough. i mean i love manhattan, but brooklyn is brooklyn, not manhattan. does anyone agree?

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    Totally. I've only lived in Brooklyn for two years and I've seen huge changes in that short period. In fact, I think of (parts of) Brooklyn as some of the trendiest parts of NYC.

    I think that some gentrification is good for Brooklyn--it cleans it up and makes it safer (in theory); but there's going to be a tipping point where one day Brooklyn is just an annex of Manhattan. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

    I still think of Brooklyn as New York's best kept secret. I absolutely love it here and I laugh at people in Manhattan who give me a double take and ask, "why do you live over there?" They'll just never understand.

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    I grew up in Greenpoint and my whole family still lives there. We like the change,Yeah prices are raising in rent and its become trendier,but it needed it. Why not have fresh ideas, fresh blood, new faces. My family has been there for 48 years and there were many changes over the decades. Looks like Greenpoint, williamsburg, the South side, and even Astoria, Queens have finally grown up.

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    i totaly agree with you im from three B's .....Brooklyn Bensonhurst....AND Bad avenue!

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