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How can my niece grow taller?

How can my niece grow taller? She is 164cm and 14 years old.

What exercises can help her?

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    1. Good nutrition. Calcium and iron. Good sources may include milk, red spinach or red cabbage, and liver.

    2. 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day.

    3. Sports like basketball or swimming. Or you can include stretching and jumping into an exercise routine.

    NB: The girl's still 14. She has a few years more to grow so don't worry about anything.

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    She can not. It's a type of matters we shouldn't have manage over. Diet and endeavor results weight and the way tremendous round you're. Nothing could make you develop taller, regardless that. The excellent factor you'll be able to advise on your niece is that she is lovely, plenty of the rather tall women rather do usually and at a few factor want they did not tower over all people they realize, and that that is the frame she has and she or he will have to gain knowledge of to check out to adore it, or a minimum of be k with it.

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    Swimming, running and basketball are all sports that increase muscle and bone, so that might help her grow taller.

    But only time can help her be tall. My cousin is also 14 and she is 173 cm tall. Kids are all different heights and she should eventually have a growth spurt, but you never know. Being short may be in her genes.

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    Try a Yahoo search for "grow taller naturally" but beware of scams.

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    Swimming and basketball are very good sports to increase height. He's still young, anyway. I stopped growing at 21.

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    Excersizes don't make you grow taller.

    A regimine of HGH would make you grow taller.

    But I dont' reccommend it. She'll be fine. She's still growing.

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    You don't stop growing until your 21 so she still has a few more years to grow and anyway she is quite tall for her age now or about average, so don't worry!!

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    idk if there are any excersises but i've heard that regular strectching helps. try pilates! its fun!

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