pokemon diamon legendary pokemon...???

can anyone tell me every legendary pokemon in diamond and how to capture them.......thorough steps please....

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    yh i can i will write how 2 get them 2

    Dialga - Spear Pillar (Mt Coronet). u must get Palkia from the global trade centre in jubilife city or from a friend

    Palkia - Spear Pillar (Mt Coronet). u must get dialga from the global trade centre in jubilife city or from a friend

    Uxie - Lake Acuity (Battle him there)

    Mesprit - Lake Verity (when you see him in lake verity he will run off use the marking map.to get the map u need to go to jubilife city and go to the poketch building then talk to the man by the counter he will give it to you.note you may get other apps for the poketch first then the marking map.

    Azelf - Lake valor (Battle him there)

    Hetran - Stark mountain (find buck at stark mountain then later on once u completed the stark mountain treasure hunt go to the survival area then go to the house on the far left corner and talk 2 buck then he will go off and then go back 2 stark mountain and find hetran waiting for u at the back of stark mountain.)

    Regigigas - snowpoint temple (must have regirock,regice,and registeel in ur party

    giratina - turnback cave. after getting national dex go next 2 the lake valor entrance then turn right then go up till u see an open path 2 the right which is called spring path. the turnback cave is really hard so just go through any doors till u reach giratina

    Cresselia - fullmoon island talk to the boy in a house in canalave city by the sailor then talk to the sailor and he will ask u 2 go 2 fullmoon island then follow the path then find cresselia and it will run off like mesprit just find it

    manaphy - get from friend or pokemon rangers

    Phione - breed manaphy with diito to get phoine egg

    darkrai,shaymin,and arceus - get from nintendo event or get them from someone over the internet

    rotom - eterna forest chateau mansion go to room with t.v on at night then battle rotom.

    if u want 2 battle or trade with me my fc is : 0945 9787 6536 name sal.E-mail me at saldmi@hotmail.com im on rite now

    thats all the legends in sinnoh hope this helps cos i explained how 2 get some 2 o.k bye 4 now.

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    all the legendary pokemon found on diamond and pearl

    there is dialga which you meet though fighting team galactic

    (Palkia would be on pearl version)

    azelf, mesprit, and uxie are found at the lake fronts

    (mesprit will be a runner)

    cresselia found on fullmoon island

    (also a runner, and you need national pokedex)

    Rotom will be found at the masion in eterna forest

    (go at night and check t.v. but you must have national pokedex)

    giratina will be found after you get national pokedex

    (south of veilstone city)

    and there darkrai but to get that, you need a nintendo event

    (never got one)

    for and other legendary pokemon you need to trade or migrate from other games.

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    The esiest to find is the Legendary on the cover. You just fight the bad guies. you eventually end up on top of the mt. use your master ball. You can get more after you fill your pokedex from Pal Park.

    Source(s): I have olmost every pokemon game. iv beaten all of them.
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    how about i just give you this web site and it will show you where to get the legendary pokemon just go down to the games section and click on diamond and pearl


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