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girlfriend trouble , advise appreciated.?

My girlfriend asked me a troubling question. She asked if I cared if she had a girlfriend along with me the boyfriend. I told her that it would make me feel weird and uncomfortable, but the girl that she likes is someone she is with quiet often.... I dint know if I can trust her .... She also lies to me about little things like working at a tatoo shop doing tatoos when she is only 16 or having a iphone before breaking it a week before she met me though she has sprint service nothijg big just little lies that I thought werre her trying to impress me . Also she smoked pot before she met me I told her one of the conditions of her dating me was to stop with the pot and I'm sure she hasn't all her friends are losers and they are just going to drag her down to the gutter ... I'm trying to get her to stop with all of that but ... I just don't know should I call it quits ? As you can tell I'm kind of frustrated with the whole ordeal

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    Call it quits - It seems like you don't want to date "her" - You are trying to change her into someone you would date... Hence forcing her to give up pot. You can't change this girl. Find someone who has all the characteristics you like so you don't have to work on changing them.

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    Get away. She is trying to be interesting because she is 16, but if she starts lying in little things right now, later it will be big things.

    Better move on and get with someone that con be strait to you and trusted

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    i would end the relationship. it does not sound like she wants a serious relationship right now. also you dont want to go into one with conditions, it will not work out. my ex tried telling me to stop partying and i pretty much lied to him the whole 3 years we were together. find someone more suited for yourself.

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    she's what you call trailor trash, you dont deserve that, end it, she has her girlfriend to keep her happy and the lies are pointless and ridiculous!!! she wants attention let her hit rock bottom its the only way for her to realise that pot isnt the answer to lifes problems

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    if u really love her, you won't give up the fight. You will try your best to change whatever needs to be changed.

    but if you don't, then don't waste your time on something you are not even serious with.

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    Man! leave that girl alone. Move on to something else.

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