2 girls at the same time?

my friend has been in love with a guy for 3yrs and they r planning to get married. they were far from each other during those 3 yrs. During that time, the guy had a 1 yr relationship with a girl in the same country he is. He told my friend that it was just a "physical relationship" and that he felt lonely and need someone with him. He made it clear to that (1 yr) girl that he cant marry her. now my friend has shifted to the same place the guy is. the guy told the 1yr girl about her and that he wants to marry her. he is trying to breakup with the 1yr girl gradually. my friend is really feeling sad coz she has to wait for him to breakup with that girl. he wants to do it gradually so he doesnt hurt her feelings.

Should my friend wait and stay with him till he ends what he had with the 1 yr girl or should she leave that guy?


He wants to break up with the 1 yr girl gradually coz he said she was good to him and she is also a human and has feelings, so he doesnt want to hurt her. He told that 1 yr girl that he cant marry her. My friend wants him to end it very soon with that girl, but he keeps on saying he cant (coz she is a human and has feelings)

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    1 decade ago
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    Thats crazy! Tell him to take what he wants before its gone.

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    To be quite honest, if she knew that he was seeing another girl..I would have already broke it off with him...She deserves alot better and obviously he cares about the other girl more because he is worried about hurting her feelings...if the relationship was purely physical he shouldnt have a problem putting her down but since he is supposively worried about her feelings..I really think he is worried about his own and knows that the girl he has been with the longest will stick with him because she knew the whole time and didnt say anything.So he is counting on her being there for him...But both girls deserve alot better that what this guy can give you. Good luck and if you ever need any more advice feel free to email me....

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    If he loves your friend truly, it should not make a shite if he hurts the other girl or not. If he has already told the OTHER girl he wants nothing to do with her, that is all that needs to be said to her. Sounds like the dude is trying to play for a bit.

  • hey these people are cheats....

    they always justify their cheating and we try to understand


    we think its love and we need to adjust...

    did he adjust for u?

    while being selfish he has broken your heart and now will break her heart.

    that girl had a physical relation!

    imagine the trauma she may face.... and this guy will waste another few months of her life and keep hurting her slowly and gradually.... it hurts like anything... i have passed through it....

    i suggest..... move on....

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    1 decade ago

    no. she shouldnt wait. if the attraction with the other gurl was just "physical" and it meant nothing..he wouldnt have to break up with her gradually. he'd just do it. point blank. the fact that he doesnt want to hurt her feelings shows the attraction wasnt' just PHYSICAL.

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    Physical or not thats wrong if he was with your friend ..its cheating. She shouldn't have moved over there and how will she know that he is cutting ties with the girl. Thats just plain wrong your friend shouldn't have forgiven him.

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    Why is your friend with this guy? He's admitted he's been carrying on with someone else for A YEAR?

    Puh-leeze. Tell her to dump him and find someone who won't feed her a line of crap. DUMP HIM. FAST.

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    1 decade ago

    If this guy NEEDED someone else while they were apart, what makes your friend think he might not NEED someone again. This guy can't seem to keep a commitment. I'd dump his butt.

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    If he knew what he wanted from jump he wouldn't have married the other girl. Don't wait that his stupity.

  • 1 decade ago

    If what he told her is for real, that it was just physical then he should not have much concern...And no, you friend should not give him alot of time at all...

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