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Which team gets the edge in this Fantasy Football Trade?

This is a keeper league trade:

Team A gets Matt Leinart (QB, ARI) and Donald Driver (WR, GB) from Team B

Team B gets Tony Romo (QB, DAL) and Kevin Curtis (WR, PHI)

Note: I'd like to see some objective opinions (non fan opuinions of the teams involved) but I know that might not be possible. Let me know which team gets the best deal, and whether you think it's a slightly, moderately, or very good trade for which team with the advantage.

Let the opinions begin!!

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    Team B...

    Donald Driver does not have a QB who can thorw to him..(poor offensive line) And Kevin Curitis' QB is still not 100% so leaves question marks... so they are a wash...

    Romo is much better than Leinart and Romo has the weapons.....IMHO

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    I think team B gets a slight advantage. On paper, you can say that leinart is due for a breakout season, he has great wr, and driver is always a great fantasy wideout. I think romo, playing a schedule with a lot of weak secondaries, is much better than leinart and kevin curtis is due for a breakout season on a team with very weak receivers and a great qb.

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    Too early to make this trade based on 1 week but,

    Team B gets the best of it. Romo will be good all year in a passing offence. If and only if Team B is deep in WR Curtis is just a spot start against a bad DEF.


    Leinart is good but inconsistant, he will be bad like last week then good, but then bad again then good. If I had Leinart on my team i wouldn't trade him while his value is down i would wait till after a good game since it is bound to come.

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    romo should have a great year while curtis should have an average year as long as mcnabb is back to his normal form.

    leinart still has a huge question mark above his head. he has one of the best tandems is the league to throw to but can he do it. he just has not proven himself yet. driver is farves go to wr but farve is old and inconsistent.

    i think the romo curtis combo made out on this deal hands down.

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    Here's how YOU do it. Are the WRs even or does one have an advantage ? Are the QBs even or does one have an advantage ? Do that analysis and see if the answer jumps out at you. If it doesn't, you should not be in a fantasy league.

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