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Fun on an Airplane?

I am leaving on a flight next week and was wondering what kind of fun things you can bring with you to do on an airplane?

And inexpensive, I know when I buy all those magazines all the time they really add up.

Thanks for your ideas!

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    A book of crossword puzzles always passes the time.

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    Try Sudoku, its a lot of fun and you can find those and other puzzle type books for less than the price of some magazines. Also, depending on the length of your trip you can borrow some books from your local library. Many airports now have DVD rentals that include the player that you can return at the next airport - see link below. Last, it might not be fun, but everyone has some type of project they are always putting off, balancing the checkbook, writing a friend a letter, catching up on your finances, etc - might be a good opportunity to get it done.

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    Bring whatever you have at home. If you have magazines and books, bring them. You can also bring a CD player and some CDs or an mp3 player if you have one and if you like to draw, bring a sketch pad and some pencils.

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    Go to your local bookstore and buy the two bestsellers- ask the clerk about your particular tastes.

    A travel guide about your destination is also a great option.

    The time will fly.

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    I don't know how old you are but me and a friend took our Christmas cards and addressed them all while in flight not a lot of fun but it did keep us busy and we also played those little handheld slot machines..

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