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My gf says that she doesn't feel intimate with me like her past relationships?

Me and my girlfriend been with each other for a month, we knew each other half a year beforehand and started as friends... I spoke to her on the phone last night and she told me that she doesn't feel the same things w/ me like she felt with her ex's... She feels more of a trust and bond with me in a way that we have a lot of things in common and believes we are right for each other.

The problem is, she doesn't feel intimate with me... like its hard for her to get out of the friend level. She tells me this relationship is different that her previous ones...

I just don't get it... does she just like me as a friend or what? Or these kind of feelings are normal since we started off as friends?


I asked her if she really wanted this relationship and she said she did and that she wanted to be with me.

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    Without knowing you or your girlfriend, I find your question difficult to respond to. Here's the first thing that comes to my mind...

    Many girls are attracted to self-centered jerks. There just seems to be something about a guy who puts less importance on a girlfriend then he does on his golf game or what have you, that draws women to them. There's a certain level of excitement in being with these guys, and once a woman is in a relationship with Mr. Wonderful, it is like a roller coaster ride. When things are good, they are SO good, but when they are bad, they are really bad. The women in these relationships are often pushed aside, mistreated, and cheated on. Once they hit rock bottom and the relationship is over, they manage to go out and find another jerk, and begin the whole process all over again.

    Some women learn their lesson after all of their heartaches, and opt for a different kind of guy—one who treats them like an equal, and who is willing to put his own interests aside for them. Unfortunately, guys like this are tame compared to their counterparts. While a woman loves the idea of being able to relax and feel secure in a relationship, she misses some of the exhilarating aspects of her old flames. Until she finally gets this issue settled, a woman who is used to jerks and is now with a good guy is living in sort of a conflict with herself. Her heart longs for the jerk, but her head tells her that you are what's best for her.

    If this fits you guys, then be patient. Above all be secure—meaning that you have your own life and that you are going to be ok with or without your girlfriend. Women smell neediness and insecurity like a shark smells blood in the water, and they are turned off by it. You can't fake being secure either—it has to be genuine.

    If this doesn't apply, maybe someone else can use it.


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    Bro trust me she is not physically attracted to you....... sounds like she prefers to be your friend only......... now that you already pumped her, dump her!

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